How did they do this?!

We're absolutely blown away by this incredibly synchronised display of joy and festivity! Not only is this display one of the coolest things we've ever seen, but it's making sick kid's wishes come true! This travelling display started as an ongoing Christmas lights display project for 6 years from a person's home. After gathering so much interest at the residential address that it caused traffic delays, it was moved out to a rural area. Now, however, it's home is a shopping centre in South Dakota where it raises about $25,000 a year for The Make-A-Wish Foundation from those who visit the attraction! Now is your chance to get a glimpse no matter where you are in the world by watching the video below!

Warning that this video contains flashing lights and strobe effects.

Set to ?A Christmas Rock Medley" by Richard Campbell, the lights never miss a beat no matter how fast the music gets! With changing colors, flashing stars, and dazzling trees, we can only imagine just how much effort went into this amazing display! We weren't the only ones to find it impressive. With over 2 million views and over 6,000 likes, this display, if anything, is a definite crowd pleaser! ?Very impressive. I loved it!"? said one commenter, Donna. ?Awesome!! I wish we could do that at our house!!" said creativeboy network. If you're the type of person who has a bucket list, here's the Christmas location to add to it!

Have you seen a lights display that tops this one? Tell us below!

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