Wreaths represent an unending circle of life, and it can be gifted to friends and family. You can decorate it by using fairy lights, cotton balls, ribbons, flowers and more!

Introduction: What is Christmas without wreaths? With that holy touch that it has and the significance that it holds, it also adds to the beauty of Christmas. Did you know it symbolises eternity, which means it does not have any beginning or end, and from the Christianity angle, it represents a circle of life that does not end. Wreaths are used extensively for decoration purposes especially during Christmas. Wreaths are generally hung on the entrance doors, and make for great Christmas gifts to your friends and family members. Here are some ideas how you can use design wreaths for decoration purposes or to be sent as gifts.

Try these out: This one is unusual in the sense that you can attach green apples, cranberries, and cherries on the wreath before gifting it to someone who loves fruits. Another idea is to tie up fairy lights all around the wreath, and fix a fox candle fixture on it. In addition, you can tie up silver balls and bells on the wreath. Again in a winter garland wreath, put roses, flowers, and ribbons on it to add a Christmassy look. You can give it a pumpkin look by covering it with a white netted cloth and tie it with a bunch of coloured ribbons. To give it a cottony look, in the winter garland made wreath, paste cotton balls, and tie a knot with ribbons and attach it on one corner. To give the wreath a summery look on winters, pin up daisies and sunflowers on the wreath, and attach a yellow ribbon on the left corner. Nothing could be prettier! Use your own imagination to design the wreaths, and surprise your friends and family.

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