10 Gift Ideas for Cool Grandparents!
10 Gift Ideas for Cool Grandparents!

Buying for the grandparents is always tough. It just seems like there are a million pitfalls to avoid. Possibly the worst of all of these is if you buy them something a bit too boring. After all, no one likes a boring gift.




Luckily, these days there are so many companies out there that have designed gift sections precisely for this purpose. There’s no more trawling the local stores. In fact, you can probably get the whole lot done from your phone within minutes! So, if you’re stuck for decent gift ideas, have a look at this list of 10 gifts to impress the grandparents this Christmas.



5 Great Gifts for Grandma




1. This Cape Mentelle Trinders & Sweets Hamper






If you’re looking to get into the good books for a few months, there are far worse ways to go about it than a decadent hamper! Sure, it’s not a skydiving voucher, but it’s still pretty exciting getting to dissect and devour one of these bad boys over the holidays.




The wine in this hamper alone makes this a worthwhile purchase; Hentley Farm Shiraz just seems to be made specifically to pair with sweet treats. And there are plenty of those to go around too! There’s Crème Brulee roasted peanuts, toffee popcorn brittle, and loads more for just $89 – a guaranteed winner!




2. This Music Memo Game






For the grandmas who are the life and blood of the party, you can’t go far wrong with a party game. This is especially true if they’re likely to beat you at it every time! An innovative take on a classic memory game, the idea is that you match the iconic costume of the artist to a snippet of their lyrics.




Basically, this game is guaranteed to get more than a little competitive after dinner and a few drinks. So, if your grandma has an ear for music both retro and contemporary, this super0fun game might just be the right call! This nifty and well-designed set can be hers for a mere $39. 




3. This Silicone Microwave Popcorn Maker






Movie nights are always the best fun when it comes to family night. And what better to kick things off in style than a ton of popcorn? But have you noticed that it can take ages sometimes to get everything ready? And then, even when it’s all done, there are loads of un-popped kernels in there?




Well, with this gift idea that unwelcome crunch will be a thing of the past. All you need to do is pour your kernels into this container, then stick it in the microwave for 2-4 minutes. Boom! You’ll have up to 9 litres of popcorn to munch on straight away. This microwave and dishwasher safe popcorn maker can be picked up here for $43.99. 




4. This Mensa Sudoku Cube Number Puzzle






For the grandmas who love to solve all of the various puzzles in the papers, we have the ultimate gift idea – a 3-dimensional Sudoku cube! Created by the good folks at Mensa, this cube is specifically designed to challenge all those who dare face it.




In terms of gift ideas that won’t cost you an arm and a leg, it doesn’t get much better than this. It’s only $14.99 and small enough to fit into a Christmas stocking. Essentially, it is pretty much the perfect puzzler for all grandparents. 




5. This Glass Cocktail Shaker Set






There’s no doubt about it, grandmas know how to shine when they decide to class up the occasion. So, why not get her something that will guarantee that she really is the ‘hostess with the most-est’? This cocktail shaker set oozes class and has everything you could possibly need to mix up the perfect martini.




The lid is brass plated. There’s a gold jigger with both 15 and 30ml measurements. There’s even a black velvet bag to carry it in. Match this up with a cocktail making book (though she probably already knows how it’s done) and you have the perfect Christmas gift for just $49! 




5 Great Gifts for Grandpa




1. This Timber Beer Caddy with Bottle Opener






Let’s face it, no one really trusts those cardboard beer caddies all that much. Once one breaks in your hand, you’re just never the same again. So why use one? Well, we don’t have an answer for that! There are just so many better alternatives out there – and this is definitely our favourite.




This beer caddy isn’t just as sturdy as hell; it’s also pretty slick looking. It also comes with a bottle opener. We would have no problem trusting this with the safety of our choice brews. So, for an excellent gift idea, why not get one of these, fill it up with their favourite brews, and gift it for Christmas? At $29.99, we think this gift idea is hard to beat! 




2. This Custom BBQ Branding Iron






First up, we have no idea how we had never heard about these until recently! I mean, who wouldn’t want to brand their steak, given the opportunity? So, for the BBQ king grandpas out there, this nifty little invention is sure to hit the mark.




Admittedly, the only practical use that we can think of for this is marking medium and rare steaks so you don’t get the wrong one. Then again, this shouldn’t be about practicality, it’s all fun! Amazingly, this steel branding iron, with 52 letter settings, is available for just $27.99! 




3. This Black Leather Toiletries Bag with Personalised Monogram






When it comes to Christmas gift ideas, we always recommend opting for something a little bit unique. If you choose to go for a personalised gift, you can be sure that the gift you’re getting them is a one-of-a-kind present – perfect for showing them that you’re thinking of them.




It is even better if the gift is something that they will use regularly. This classy leather toiletries bag hits the mark on pretty much all of these categories. It’s undoubtedly a bit classy too! The good news? You can pick up yours for $99 by following this link!



4. This Artico Rechargeable Book Light






This gift idea is for all the grandads out there who are avid readers. Considering that most of us read at night, it’s quite likely that your light will end up keeping someone awake. Either that or they’re constantly falling asleep with the lamp on. We’ve all been there!




This simple invention is the solution to that problem. It’s small enough to clip onto a book. Yet, it packs enough power to allow for 16 hours of nocturnal bookworm activities. Fallen asleep with it on? Not a problem! It can be easily recharged with the USB cable they’ve included. This nifty little invention is available for a measly $29. 




5. This 1 Litre Glass Barrel Drink Dispenser






For the grandpa who has everything, it may be time to think a little outside the box. Let’s say, for example, that grandpa happens to have his own in-home bar setup. Well, a nifty way of serving up his whiskeys is probably exactly what is missing.




This glass barrel dispenser is ideal for spirits. Its wooden stand assures that it is suitably sturdy so that there can be no mistakes. And, the stopper even doubles up as a little jigger. This dispenser looks right at home in any man cave and can be picked up for just $38.99. 

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