Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls
Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

If you’re anything like most of us, you pretty much panic every Christmas if you have to buy for girls. It just seems so much harder than buying for boys. Well fear not. This year, we decided to ask for some help with decent gift ideas.


As it turns out, we were miles off predicting the kinds of gifts that really hit the mark. So, don’t make the same mistakes we did. Have a look at these 10 great gift ideas for girls this Christmas.


1. This Gryffindor Harry Potter Costume



Okay, so it’s not quite a pony or a castle. But, in terms of letting the imagination run wild, there aren’t many things out there that inspire as much as the Harry Potter universe.


With this quality costume, your girl can teleport herself straight into the magical world of wizardry.


But, what if the sorting hat didn’t put her into the Gryffindor house? Well, that’s no worries. You can also pick up Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin costumes for a very reasonable $42.99.


2. This Beauty and The Beast Costume



Not every girl, but quite a few dream of being a princess. For those that do, it is now totally possible to make that dream a reality! This beautiful Belle costume is the ideal gift for those girls who want to let their inner Disney princess shine!


Complete with the classic yellow tone, diamond broach and the big tulle skirt, her imagination will fill with images of dancing teapots and that rolling bookshelf ladder!


Additionally, it comes with crown, costume jewelry, sceptre and regal gloves to complete the look. This gorgeous costume has everything she needs to embark on her journey to becoming a real-life princess.  


You can get yours here for $43.99! 


3. This Back to Nature Outdoor Activity Set



If the girl you are buying for is an adventurer at heart, the best way to cultivate that is to nurture their interest in the world around them. After all, there are a lot of cool things out there, just waiting to be discovered!


This set includes everything she'll need to get started as an explorer. There are tonnes of activities, a magnifying glass, and a chalks/pencil duo to document their finds.


This set comes in at $25 and is perfect for the beach, park, and even the garden! 


4. The Name a Star Gift Set



Sure, it’s pretty cool being a princess. But even cooler than that: having your very own star named after you. This gift is really unique as it gives you all the information you need to find a star that hasn’t got a name yet, and then call it whatever you want!


In this gift box, your girl will get a postcard and a registration sheet, plus information on all of the stars visible in the night sky. 


Then, all she needs to do is choose her star and send out the registration with a name of her choice. After that, she'll get a personalised certificate confirming the star’s new name. Priced at only $49, that's pretty stellar!   


5. This Bath Time Fun Crayons Set



We know that young kids love to draw on stuff - walls, floor, your favourite outfit. We also know, what they don’t really love is bath time.


With this set of bath crayons, designed to work on tile and tub alike, you can just let them draw – without hours of cleanup! Just grab a wet cloth and clear away that masterpiece every time!


For us, the best part of this gift idea is that it can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. After all, bath time can be a bit boring. Why not get creative while you’re in there? This simple but sweet gift idea can be picked up for next to nothing at $10.


6. This Iconic Wooden Doctor’s Playset



Every now and then, it turns out that the same kind of toys that we played with when we were young still turn out to be the best.


That is definitely the case with the classic doctor’s playset. Better yet, what parent doesn’t dream that their kid will be as successful as a doctor!


However, these doctor kits have evolved quite a lot in the last few decades. This 25-piece set has everything she needs to kick off a successful career in medicine.


There’s a blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, syringe, and much more. All of this comes in at a surprisingly low price of $66.15. 


7. Bluey Wooden Dominoes Set 



If we know one thing about today's kids, it's that they adore Bluey. This unassuming Aussie show has won hearts from all over the world, genuinely loved by both kids and their parents. 


This Bluey-branded dominoes set will help her develop hand-eye coordination, and pattern recognition - and it's a bit of fun for the family. Suitable for 3 years old and up, these colourful toys are both educational and entertaining.


Get it here for only $20.


8. This Giant Sunflower Grow Kit 



When the weather warms up, the best gifts are those that get the kids outside. This sunflower grow kit is perfect for the girl who lights up for life.


Whether she's your little helper in the garden, or a complete novice, this kit provides all she needs to nurture from seed to sunflower.


For only $17, they provide the pot, peat pellet and seeds. BYO watering can. 


9. This Colour Changing Unicorn Night Light  



The night time can be a scary place for kids. It's dark, and there's a possibility of nightmares. With this whimsical unicorn companion, she can happily drift off to sleep. Maybe she'll dream about going on grand adventures with her unicorn friend. 


Even if the girl you are buying for is beyond the need for a night light, there’s always a place for this pretty little fella on the nightstand.


To light him up, all you need to do is tap him. He even has 3 different colours to choose from. A steal at $27, this magical guy is the ideal bedtime companion.   


10. Make Your Own Unicorn Wall Hanging 



For the little creative in your life. This whimsical DIY craft kit will keep her busy for hours, weaving a pretty unicorn that she'll be able to show off on her bedroom wall.


The set comes with multicoloured yarn, a unicorn design for her to follow, and a knitting needle. It even includes a bamboo pole to hang her creation like a pro. Help craft a lifelong love of art, for only $29.


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