Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls
Awesome Christmas Gift Ideas for Girls

If you’re anything like most of us, you pretty much panic every Christmas if you have to bun class='visible_class'>y for girls. It just seems to be so much harder than buying for boys. Well fear not. This year, we decided to ask for some help with decent gift ideas.




As it turns out, we were miles off predicting the kinds of gifts that really hit the mark. So, don’t make the same mistakes we did. Have a look at these 10 great gift ideas for girls this Christmas.




1. This Harry Potter Hufflepuff Costume






Okay, so it’s not quite a pony or a castle. But, in terms of letting the imagination run wild, there aren’t many things out there that inspire as much as the Harry Potter universe. With this quality costume, your girl can teleport herself straight into the magical world of wizardry.




But, what if the sorting hat didn’t put her into the Hufflepuff house? Well, that’s no worries. You can also pick up Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin costumes from this site for a very reasonable $41.99. 




2. This Disney Cinderella Glitter and Sparkle Costume






Not every girl, but quite a few dream of being a princess. For those that do, it is now totally possible to make that dream a reality! This Cinderella costume is the ideal gift for those girls who want to let their inner Disney princess selves shine!




This officially licensed Disney dress has everything she needs to embark on her journey to becoming a real-life princess. It’s even got a tiara with blue jewels! And the glittery bodice is super ornate. You can get yours here for just $54.99! 




3. This Back to Nature Outdoor Activity Set






If the girl you are buying for is an adventurer at heart, the best way to cultivate that is to nurture their interest in the world around them. After all, there are a lot of cool things out there just waiting to be found!




This set includes everything you need to get started as an explorer. There are tonnes of activities, a magnifying glass, and chalks and a pencil to allow them to document their finds. This set comes in at $25 and is perfect for the beach, park, and even the garden! 




4. The Name a Star Gift Set






Sure, it’s pretty cool being a princess. But, what’s even cooler than that is having your very own star named after you. This gift is really unique as it gives you all of the information you need to find a star that hasn’t got a name yet and then call it whatever you want!




In this gift box, you will receive details of all of the stars visible in the night sky. You’ll also get a postcard and a registration sheet. Then, all you need to do is pick the star that you want to name and send out your registration. After that, you will get a personalised cert confirming the star’s new name. That’s all very cool for just $49! 




5. This Iconic Wooden Doctor’s Playset






Every now and then, it turns out that the same kind of toys that we played with when we were young still turn out to be the best. That is definitely the case with the classic doctor’s playset. Better yet, what parent doesn’t dream that their kid will be as successful as a doctor!




However, these sets have evolved quite a lot in the last few decades. This all-wooden set has everything you need to kick off a successful career in medicine. There’s a blood pressure meter, stethoscope, syringe, and much more. All of this comes in at a surprisingly low price of $71.99. 




6. This White Children’s Piano






We’ve covered all sorts of toys here that are designed to enhance creativity and the imagination. But, what about music? Giving the gift of musical creativity is one of the best gifts you can give. It allows for improved dexterity, helps the imagination, and looks incredibly sophisticated – all at once!




But, it’s not all about the developmental aspects here. This child-sizes grand piano is actually really rewarding to play. It also comes with a playbook to help her pick up new songs with ease. So, why not nurture that musical talent with this classy and practical gift? 




7. This Bath Time Fun Crayons Set






Young kids in particular love to draw on the walls. On top of that, they don’t tend to enjoy bath time all that much. With this set of bath crayons, designed to work on tile and tub alike, you can just let it happen – without hours of cleanup! Just grab a wet cloth and clear away that masterpiece every time!




For us, the best part of this gift idea is that it can be enjoyed by pretty much anyone. After all, bath time can be a bit boring. Why not doodle on the tiles why you’re in there? This simple but sweet gift idea can be picked up for next to nothing at $10.




8. These Giant Bubble Stix






When the weather warms up, the best gifts are those that get everybody outside and liven the party up. And, no matter what age you are, giant bubbles are always going to be a hit. That’s why this really simple gift idea is pretty much guaranteed to impress, whether she’s 6 or 16!




The bubble wands work in the same way as blowing bubbles does, except on a MUCH larger scale. First up, you connect the rods to make two huge sticks (120cm). Then, all you need to do is dip them in a basin of bubble mixture and go! Great entertainment, for the low cost of $29. 




9. This Puppy Touch-Sensitive Rechargeable LED Night Light






Puppies! It is nearly impossible to get it wrong when you opt for the puppy option. Better yet, you don’t need to worry about this puppy chewing up the furniture or making a mess on your floors. In fact, this puppy is kind of the ideal house guest!




Even if the girl you are buying for is far beyond the need for a night light, there’s always a place for this little guy on the nightstand. To make him light up, all you need to do is tap him and then you can adjust the brightness from there. A steal at $29.99, this little guy is the ideal bedtime companion. 




10. This Disney’s Frozen Impossible Puzzle






Okay, we admit it. This gift idea might be a little cruel. We would probably have a hard time putting all of this together. But, for the super-intelligent problem-solving type, they’re sure to see this as a challenge and just launch into it headfirst.




We imagine that finishing this 1000 piece nightmare of a puzzle is going to be really satisfying. Then again, we’re never going to try it so we’ll never know! Give them a worthy challenge this Christmas with this $36.99 Disney-themed puzzle. 


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