The Best Aussie Wines for Christmas 2023
The Best Aussie Wines for Christmas 2023

Picking the perfect bottle of wine for your Christmas celebrations can be a tough prospect.  Whether you plan to gift a nice bottle or two, or simply serve it to guests, it's a good idea to have in mind what whites and reds hit the right palette. 


Not feeling all that flush this year? Don’t worry about it! We also have some great options in the low-mid range area. With that, it’s time to pop the cork and get started!


1. This 2018 Brookland Valley Estate Cabernet Merlot



When it comes to the traditional Christmas feast, very few reds are as popular as a nice and full-bodied Merlot. There’s a lot to the flavour to this one. It’s far from being one-dimensional.


Made in the acclaimed Margaret River region, 2018 is supposed to have produced the best vintage the vignerons (grape cultivators) had ever seen. 


From a winery that consistently produces top-notch wines, this is quite a statement. Is your interest piqued yet?


This dry vintage boasts heavy oak and dark berry hues, with strong notes of black cherry and blackberry, kitchen spice and wood smoke - very Christmassy indeed. 


This collectable vintage can be picked up for $60 per bottle, and will only increase in value and quality with age. Naturally, the price will drop a little if you opt to order multiple bottles (10% discount for 6 bottles and 15% for 12 bottles).


That's a pretty tempting offer! Hailing from one of Western Australia’s best wineries, this very appealing 2018 vintage is sure to impress.


2. This 2020 Plantegenet Wyjup Collection Riesling



For reasons unknown to us, the humble Riesling has been hugely overlooked by many in recent years. This is a crying shame as they’re quite underrated.


So, for our second pick, we thought we’d try to convince a few people that a decent Riesling can easily hold its own as a Christmas tipple.


Hailing from the sunny lands of Mt Barker, Western Australia, this Riesling is a medium bodied white with lovely citrusy elements. Produced in a warm year, this Riesling is balanced and layered. Key aromas include a palate of lime, lemon blossom and mandarin, with mineral undertones. 


While juicy, it also carries a nice zest too. Drink it now, or age it up, it will only get better. This collection was sourced from Mt Barker vineyards planted way back in 1971. Get this abundant Riesling for $45 a bottle.


3. A Surprise, Perhaps? This 2015 Tyrell's Hunter Valley Vat 1 Semillon



Most of us love a surprise at Christmas, right? Well, that’s precisely what you are signing up for if you choose to invest in one of these bottles. However, this is by no means as risky as it may sound.


The thing is; we happen to know a little about what’s behind the smoke and mirrors here!


Firstly, this wine has a little pedigree to it. It’s an award-winning brand, from the famed Hunter Valley. Next up, all of the cellaring has been done for you, it's been down there for 6-8 years, just waiting for you!


Its buttery, citrus flavour profile works with the notes of beeswax, green apple and slate.


Experts say this drop has a light, delicate acidity, to be either opened now or held onto for at least 10 years. It will only get better with time. 


So, if you find this proposition as exciting as we do, you can try this beautiful dry Semillon for $78.26.


4. 2021 Mount Trio Cabernet Malbec

An oft-overlooked varietal, the robust Malbec is something you have to try. Famous for its distinctive dark fruity flavours and smoky tones, the purple grape variety is one of only 6 grapes allowed in the blending of the famous French Bordeaux red wine.


The most notable regions for this grape are Argentina and South West France. But, as we tend to do, Australia is fast catching up.


From the acclaimed Great Southern region in Western Australia, this Cabernet Malbec blend is the creation of winemaker Gavin Berry (fantastic surname!).


Medium-full bodied and a vibrant red, this beautiful drop will delight your guests. You'll note red berries, cedar and cassis, and its extended barrel maturation leaves a vanillin oak scent. 


Serve this with your best cheeses during pre-lunch nibbles and it won't disappoint. It’s delightfully easy to drink and at 14.5% ABV, a little bit dangerous! 


If you'd like to hold onto it for a few years, you can do that too! Get this beautiful West Australian blend for only $20.


5. This Jansz Tasmania Seasonal Premium Rosé NV

Our next choice sees us headed all the way down to Tassie for something a little bit unusual and surprising. This Pinot Noir and Chardonnay varietal is beautifully rich and dry.


This delicate and yet crisp sparkling Rosé is classified as extra dry, with little to no added sugar creating a lovely palate-cleansing mouthfeel. 


With vibrant fruity aromas of strawberry and rose petals, this will be your go-to summer drink. Serve with crème fraîche or a poached quince tart. 


It's ready to crack open now, and really hard to put down. At $49.23 a bottle, we reckon this may be a bit of a steal!


6. 2020 Tahbilk Organic Shiraz



Having arrived at our last suggestion, we’ve realised that it simply wouldn’t be right to finish off without suggesting a stupidly cheap and really satisfying Shiraz.


After all, 90% of the time, your guests really don’t care how much the bottle cost. All they need to know is that it goes down excellently with Christmas dinner and leaves them wanting more.


Well, look no further. This is the ultimate “easy drinking” red. And yet, nothing seems to be missing in quality, to be expected when the wine makers have a deep and decades-long connection to the area.


As is pretty typical of a Shiraz from the Goulburn Valley, it’s really aromatic and fruity. A red so deep it's nearly purple, look for the very Christmassy notes of red berry, plum and spices like pepper and clove.


With its savoury complexity, serve it up with grilled or barbequed roast veggies, which is perfect for an Aussie Christmas day. 


At $21 per bottle, it wouldn’t make any sense not to recommend.


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