Fun Christmas Gifts for a cool Mum!
Fun Christmas Gifts for a cool Mum!

So you’ve done all of the last minute shopping and bought the big gifts, only to realise you’ve forgotten the stocking fillers. Relax! It doesn’t have to be a desperate scramble this year!


If you’re anything like us, forgetting gifts or leaving them to the last minute is a yearly occurrence. Our hope is that, with this guide, no one will know you’ve done the same! Though each of these gifts comes in at under $100, we’re sure you’ll find something for your mum here.


1. This Jesus Soap



Yes, you read that right! Sometimes, the best mini gift ideas are the ones that wind your mum up a little. That way, when you hand over the ‘actual’ present, you’re the good guy again. It’s the nicest possible way to get a little cheeky over the festive period!


Being pocket-sized and a snip at $11, this hilariously blasphemous little number makes for a great stocking-filler. So, yes, there are probably sweeter gifts to buy your mum. But consider this: are they this funny? 


2. This Luxury Bath Soak



Moving on from absurdity to luxury, why not consider pampering your mum a little this year? Admittedly, we don’t really know how these things work, but the ingredients list for this sounds pretty heavenly.


There’s French pink clay, Ylang Ylang essential oil, and even some pink Himalayan mineral salts. To us, that sounds like a pretty chill and relaxing time which your mum probably needs desperately. It’s also the perfect size for a little stocking filler and will only set you back a paltry $19


3. How About a Decadent Chandon Celebration Hamper?



Okay, so first thing's first; this will absolutely not work as a stocking filler. That’s the cons covered. On the pro side, these sorts of hampers are pretty much the best gift for when you’re trying to absolutely spoil someone. To begin with, there’s a whole 750ml bottle of limited edition Chandon (the good stuff).


As if that weren't enough, there’s also pretty much every imaginable form of tasty Australian treat lumped in there too! Choccy, toffees, chocolate-covered nibbles. It’s all there! So, if you are willing to spend a little more, at $99 this is the way to go!


4. Or Maybe Some Particularly Sassy Socks?




Socks. They’re pretty much the ultimate cliché when it comes to stocking fillers. In fact, we’re willing to bet that more than a few of you have received a few, year after year. Well, have you ever considered the potential of a gift that doubles as revenge?


In all seriousness, we reckon that these sassy socks will suit the personalities of more than a few mums out there; the ones that are so done dealing with your problems… Sound familiar? If so, these aren’t a bad shout at all for $20.


5. This Bathroom Wine Glass Holder



Being a mum, it's a pretty exhausting job - whether your kid is 3 or 30. Sometimes, the thought of a book and a wine in the bath is what gets her through the day.


Why not be an advocate for your mum's self-care, and step it up a notch with this hilarious (and quite frankly, sorely needed) bathroom wine glass holder. This little contraption is as ingenious as it is simple - simply attach the holder to the wall, and slot in the wine glass.


Now she doesn't have to stress about balancing the glass on the edge of the bath, or knocking it off the bath tray when she puts her book down. She's happy, the wine is safe, and you'll get points for demonstrating how much you know and care about her.


For the priceless gift of making your mum's day a little easier, this wine holder is a steal at only $18.


6. This Book of Dog Selfies



These days, absolutely everyone is taking selfies. Kids are doing it, mums are doing it, and now even the dogs are getting in on it too! Designed as a coffee table hardcover, this book has 96 straight pages worth of dog selfies, and is the perfect stocking-filler for all those mums out there who love their dog more than, well, you!


We’re guessing that about 99% of you are going to find this as adorable as we do. It's a barkin' steal at just $17. 


7. This Personalised Solid Bar Pendant Necklace 



A classic for a reason, last on our list is some lovely customisable jewellery. This beautiful and unique necklace is special because the pendant is a rectangular-shaped bar, able to be engraved on all 4 sides.


You could, for example, write the names of yourself, your sister, your dad, and the family dog. Or just your name - whatever floats your boat!


The 35cm bar pendant comes in a gold, rose gold, or silver finish, and you can write up to 20 characters on each side. This is a piece of jewellery she'll want to wear every day, to keep her loved ones close to her heart.


Really put yourself in mum's good books this Christmas, for only $69.


Fun and Cheap Christmas Presents for Mum


And there you have it. That’s the end of our rundown of the best stocking fillers out there for under $100. They’re cheap, they’re cheerful, and they’re occasionally luxurious. With a bit of luck, at least one of these gift ideas hits the mark.


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