Tips For Decorating Trees and Plants For Christmas
Tips For Decorating Trees and Plants For Christmas

Secretley counting down the days until you get to bust out the Christmas decorations? Us too. In fact, who are we kidding - putting up the trees and decking literally every cm inside and out with sparkles is WAY more fun than Christmas day itself! 


You may be stuck wondering how you’ll decorate not only the Christmas tree but every other tree or plant in your house! You're not alone - there's something speical about adding Christmas jazz to greenary and flora - especially if you're a plant kinda guy.


Here's some ideas to get your started on your journey spinning your place into a Christmas Wonderland!


5 Simple Tips For Decorating Trees and Plants For Christmas


While decorating for Christmas, you only need to keep these tips in mind for a beautiful result:


Tip 1: Get The Lights Done

Tip 2: Do the Ornaments

Tip 3: Finish it Up with Garlands

Tip 4: Think Ahead: Things To Keep in Mind Before You Begin Decorating

Tip 5: Your Perfect Decoration For Christmas Trees and Plants 


Now let’s see what these tips have for you.


Tip 1. Get The Lights Done


The best way to decorate your Christmas tree and plants is with lights. It'll illuminate the trees as well as the surroundings. You can use different lighting techniques and go the extra mile by choosing the type of light as per your preferences and desired look.


There are various types of lights. Let’s see how you can use them to decorate your trees and plants:


1. Incandescent Lights


Incandescent bulbs come in various sizes and colours. These are bright and provide a more intense light glow at an affordable price



However, such lights have a significant drawback: it gets warmer and produces enough heat to increase fire threat. 


You should use these lights to decorate trees and plants in the garden


2. LED Lights


LED lights can save energy up to 75%. Since they don't emit heat, there’s little to no risk of fire. They also come in multi colours and can change colours continuously following specific patterns. 


The LED lights with patterns give a feeling of motion, so it might be a good idea to decorate the Christmas tree on the porch or other plants in the garden with these types of lights.


3. Globe lights


Globe lights are spherical lights and come in many colours and a variety of sizes. However, typically they are bigger than other lights and cover a good area.




The most significant advantage of globe lights is that you don’t need many of them, perhaps only a meter or two. 


4. Battery operated candles


Battery-operated candles simulate real candles and are capable of producing enough light to lighten up the Christmas trees. Since you don't need any power setup, you can use these lights on plants and trees where the power supply is tough to provide.


Tip 2. Do The Ornaments


Ornaments enhance the look of your Christmas tree and make it more lively. You’ll need bells, tree skirts, tree toppers, paper figures and similar decorative ornaments. Furthermore, kids love to decorate Christmas trees, so let them be creative with embellishments.




Sprinkle the ornaments sparingly — don’t put them too close, or it might give the admirers a ‘noisy’ feeling. The key is to find the sweet spot between too much and too little.


An ideal distance between each ornament ranges from 1 to 3 inches. You’ll typically need 12 ornaments per foot. So if your tree is 4 feet in size, you’ll need 12 x 4 = 48 ornaments approximately.


Remember to put up a massive star at the top of your Christmas tree and give it a final look. Make sure you put up a few ornaments on the plants in the garden and inside the house.



Tip 3. Finish it Up with Garlands


Garlands may not be necessary for decorating trees and plants, but you can’t make your Christmas tree stand out without them. Garlands complete the Christmas tree decoration, giving it a pro look.


There are many types of garlands available — from vintage ribbons, berries, floral to paper garlands. 


Keep in mind; paper garlands may not be suitable for plants and trees outside the house as they’ll be torn or melt away from outside weather.


You can take inspiration on how to use garlands on your trees and plants from these pictures:



Tip 4. Think Ahead: Things To Keep in Mind Before You Begin Decorating


Before you even take the first step of decorating trees and plants for Christmas, it’s necessary to understand the basics and try to look with the eyes of your imagination.


1. Note the Number of Trees and Plants


Besides the Christmas tree, take note of the number of trees and plants you’re planning to decorate. You can even have more than one Christmas tree, for example, one in the living room and the other in one the verandah or porch.


This activity will give you an estimated number of decorative items you’ll need for decoration.



2. Decide The Type of Christmas Tree: Artificial or Real


Although real Christmas trees can be messy, it keeps the tradition alive and supports local business. Besides, choosing a Christmas tree is an enjoyable family activity.


On the other hand, artificial trees are more manageable, and you can use them next year (and the year after that).


3. Take a Look Around the House


Stroll through your house and try to imagine what decorations will look like? How many trees or plants are there outside in your yard? Maybe you have a full-grow tree or decorative plants in the garden? 


For example, you can put decorative plants on the porch and create a bigger space for the Christmas tree if your house is too small. Or maybe you can do some furniture re-arrangements and decide where the tree will look most beautiful.


No plan fits everyone, so you need to carve out your preferences and decide as per your resources.


In a nutshell, prepare a mental plan as it’ll help you avoid any last-minute problems.


4. Remember Power Supply For The Lights


Planning a proper plug outlet is the most crucial factor. Make sure you plan it out well, as even the slightest mistake can cause harm. 


For example, make sure there are no cuts on the wires. Put wires hidden and insulated from kids. Also, keep in mind to get good quality electric board, switches or lights.


5. Prepare The Christmas Tree Before Decorating


  • Make sure your Christmas tree has a firm stand as per its height and weight. 
  • Prepare the trunk and trim its unfair branches or twigs. 
  • Then, use plant protector liquids. Spray it along the branches and trunk. It’ll reduce the moisture loss in the tree. 

Tip 5. Your Perfect Decoration For Christmas Trees and Plants


This tip is to save you from mental exhaustion. If you want to achieve that perfect look of your dream Christmas tree and be satisfied, it might not happen until you change your perception about Christmas tree decorations.



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