Fun (and cheap) Christmas Gifts for Mum!
Fun (and cheap) Christmas Gifts for Mum!


So you’ve done all of the last minute shopping and bought the big gifts, only to realise you’ve forgotten the stocking fillers. Relax! It doesn’t have to be a desperate scramble this year!


If you’re anything like we are, forgetting gifts or leaving them to the last minute is a yearly occurrence. Our hope is that, with this guide, no one will know you’ve done the same! Though each of these gifts comes in at under $100, we’re sure you’ll find something for your mum here.



1. This Jesus Soap




Yes, you read that right! Sometimes, the best mini gift ideas are the ones that wind your mum up a little. That way, when you had over the ‘actual’ present, you’re the good guy again. It’s the nicest possible way to cause a little offence over the festive period!


Being pocket-sized and a snip at $11, this hilariously blasphemous little number makes for a great stocking-filler. So, yes, there are probably better gifts to buy your mum. But consider this: are they quite as funny as this? 



2. This Luxury Bath Soak





Moving on from absurdity to luxury, why not consider pampering your mum a little this year? Admittedly, we don’t really know how these things work here, but the ingredients list for this sounds pretty delectable – perhaps even tasty?


There’s French pink clay, Ylang Ylang essential oil, and even some pink Himalayan mineral salts. To us, that sounds like a pretty chill and relaxing time. It’s also the perfect size for a little stocking filler and will only set you back a paltry $19



3. How About a Decadent Chandon Celebration Hamper?




Okay, so first things first; this will absolutely not work as a stocking filler. That’s the cons covered. On the pros side, these sorts of hampers are pretty much the best gift for when you’re trying to absolutely spoil someone. To begin with, there’s a whole 750ml bottle of limited edition Chandon.


As if that wasn’t enough, there’s also pretty much every imaginable form of tasty Australian treat lumped in there too! Chocs, toffees, chocolate-covered nibbles. It’s all there! So, if you are willing to spend a little more, this is the way to go!



4. Or Maybe Some Particularly Sassy Socks?





Socks. They’re pretty much the ultimate cliché when it comes to stocking fillers. In fact, we’re willing to bet that more than a few of you reading this will have received a few pairs, year after year. Well, have you ever considered the potential of a gift to double as revenge?


Maybe now you have. If not, we still reckon that these sassy socks will suit the personalities of more than a few mums out there; the ones that are so done dealing with your problems… Sound familiar? If so, these aren’t a bad shout at all for $20.



6. This Urban Greens Culinary Flowers Grow Kit



These days, not everyone is lucky enough to have the space to grow their own food. With a lot of us cooped up in apartments, it can be easy to lose the connection to our food that we once had. With this kit, you are gifting that connection back. Essentially, this is a great gift for the mums out there who like to get adventurous with their foods.


In this grow kit, she’ll find everything she needs to grow a whole range of edible blooms. There’s lavender, cornflowers, nasturtium, dianthus, and violas. Better yet, you get peat pots, growth substrate and a booklet to show you how it’s done – all for just $25!  Grab yours here



7. This Book of Dog Selfies



These days, absolutely everyone is getting in on taking selfies. Kids are doing it, mums are doing it, and now even the dogs are getting in on it too! Designed as a coffee table hardcover, this book of dogs taking selfies spans 96 pages and is the perfect stocking-filler for all of the dog-lovers out there.


We’re guessing that about 99% of you are going to find this as adorable as we do. It's a barkin steal at just $17. 



8. Golden Bailee Hoop Earrings with Crystals from Swarovski®



Last, but most definitely not least, we’ve chosen these Swarovski crystal earrings. To be honest, we’re pretty surprised that you can even get these for less than $100 because they are in vogue at the moment!


For us, that makes these the ideal gift for the more fashion-conscious mums out there. Better yet, they’ll even fit into your regulation-sized Christmas stocking. So, why not add a little class with these Swarovski crystal earrings, available from here. Oh, and as an added flourish, these also arrive in a signature gift box!



Fun and Cheap Christmas Presents for Mums


And there you have it. That’s the end of our rundown of the best stocking fillers out there for under $100. They’re cheap, they’re cheerful, and they’re occasionally luxurious. With a bit of luck, at least one of these gift ideas for mum hits the mark.


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