Lights of Lobethal Christmas Festival 2023
Lights of Lobethal Christmas Festival 2023

Visit the epicentre of Christmas in South Australia!


The Lights of Lobethal Christmas Festival has been lighting up the Lobethal Valley in the Adelaide Hills for over 70 years.


Here’s why it should be on your list of Christmas destinations this year.



Lobethal lights dates 2023: 9 – 23 December


When did Lobethal Lights start?


This community Christmas light display is the largest in the southern hemisphere, but it wasn’t always this way. Over seventy years ago, during the early 1950s, local business owners wanted to decorate their shops and businesses for the festive season, so they began painting light bulbs by thinning paint down with turpentine to make it easier to paint, to help it spread further and so they could still see the light peaking through — just enough to illuminate the colour.


Homeowners started catching on and doing the same, and soon, the whole community was following along, attracting visitors as they did, not just from surrounding towns but also from Adelaide and now, the entire world.


In the early 1990s, the community banded together to plan markets, performances and activities over a ten-day period, and it became the Lights of Lobethal Festival.


These days, over 700 houses participate, and if it attracted 250,000 visitors in 2005, imagine how many visitors the festival attracts these days!


Now, it’s your turn to see the dazzling displays this amazing community has put together.  


Lights of Lobethal Festival Details

Dates: 9–23 December

What time do the Lobethal Lights turn on? 7:30pm

Location of Lobethal Lights 2023: Main Street, Lobethal


Lights of Lobethal Festival map:




How To Get There


Lobethal is a town nestled in the Adelaide Hills in South Australia, about 35km from Adelaide, making it a 45-minute drive from Adelaide’s CBD. The roads leading in are known as ‘The Valley of Praise,’ with roads meandering through the renowned wine region.


Follow the map above for locations of the dozens of streets showcasing homes and businesses decorated in Christmas lights and light displays, making sure to follow all signage to help ease congestion and to follow the best routes.


If stuck, know that at Christmas time, all the lights lead to Lobethal!


What To Do and See at Lobethal Lights


There are no Lights of Lobethal Festival tickets; just drive through and enjoy what’s on offer. There are various Lobethal Festival of Lights events for visitors to enjoy, other than the community light displays.




The Lobethal Christmas Pageant 2023 was held on 9 December at 7:30pm, where floats and parades traversed Main Street for onlookers to enjoy.


A lovely and festive Carols in the Valley was held at Lobethal Lutheran Church on 10 December, led by the Lobethal Christian Fellowship Orchestra and Choir, with their festive melodies filling the air. 


The Global Christmas Village ran on 16 December, celebrating all the visitors at the festival. Everyone was encouraged to wear fancy dress or their cultural attire to celebrate the diverse Christmas traditions around the world.


For the kids, 17–18 December there was even a Valley of Praise Christmas Maze!


There is a Living Nativity, help nightly at 8:50pm and 9:20pm from 10 December to 23 December where the community brings to love the story of the nativity. Nightly performances re-enacting the events of the first Christmas, with animals and a baby Jesus make it even more special.


If you don’t want to step out of your car while here, you don’t even need to — simply drive along and enjoy the view!


If in the area, make sure to stop by for the Closing Night Street Party on 23 December for a night of unforgettable fun this Christmas season.




Christmas Markets run throughout the event and even after, running from 9 to 29 December, 6pm to 10pm nightly at Lobethal Centennial Hall, so head over and grab yourself some last-minute crafts, gifts and local goodies for Christmas.


Alongside the markets and main events above, Main Street is filled with entertainment, Christmas treats, music and performances. A collection of food vendors and vans are also dotted around Main Street to fill your stomach while there. Keep in mind, though, that as a family event, it’s advised to leave your drinks at home to keep the festival a Dry Zone.




Some Tips to Enjoy the Festival


1. One of the must-see properties, Bill and Peg’s house on 5 Christmas Lane, has a 30-person limit at one time. It’s worth the wait but expect a line.


2. While there are food trucks, you might want to grab dinner beforehand or in town first.


3. Support the local eateries on Main Street before checking out the lights. There are a range of bakeries, restaurants and cafes here to check out, but you can plan ahead beforehand if you like! Check them out here.


4. If you want to do most of your exploring on foot, park near Lobethal Bakery and walk down into town. There’s also parking at the other end of the road if there’s none here.


This year, the Lights of Lobethal Festival is presented alongside RAA of SA for an extra layer of joy to the festival. Be sure to say hello to members while you’re here!


Make sure to keep an eye on the Lights of Lobethal Facebook page for updates on any weather-related event cancellations, or, to see some of the events and light displays, check out @thelightsoflobethal Instagram page!


While most of the action has passed for this year, there’s always next year! Make sure to keep an eye out on updates throughout the coming year on the Lights of Lobethal Festival’s official website and keep dates free to visit the event.


If you’ve been looking for something to entertain the kids this Christmas season, make sure to visit the last remaining days of the Lights of Lobethal Festival. It’s bound to have them lighting up in joy!


Image Source: Lights of Lobethal Festival

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