The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Geeks!
The 10 Best Christmas Gifts for Geeks!

Geeks; every single family has at least one. They’re normally found tinkering with things an class='visible_class'>nd never seem to be interested in ‘normal’ stuff. Of course, if you are not in the slightest bit geeky yourself, you’ll probably have no idea what to get them.




If you’re at a total loss, you’ve probably come to the right place. After all, who best to ask what to get a geek for Christmas than some more geeks?! In this list of 10 gift ideas, you’ll definitely find at least one present that will make them tick. So, without further ado, let’s get right into it!




1. This Set of Planetary Gemstones






If your geek is anything like us, they probably spend a lot of time sitting at their computer. Given that they are likely to spend so much time there, it does make a lot of sense to try make that area as nice as possible.




This set of planets, each made from a different gem, is set out in the right order. Better yet, they’ve even included Pluto! For us, we always find that anything space-related and shiny is always going to be a winner. This set comes neatly presented in a display case and can be picked up here for just $39.99. 




2. The World’s Smallest Newton Cradle






Keeping with the theme of trinkets that we geeks find interesting, why not opt for this desktop classic? The Newton’s cradle is excellent in that it is quite literally like having an example of physics in motion, in a miniature size.




Coming in at just 9cm tall, we reckon that this makes a pretty decent stocking filler. The only downside is that the geek you are buying for probably already has one! If not, you can pick one up for them here for only $11.99. 




3. The Ladybird Book of the Zombie Apocalypse






Have you ever noticed that geeks sometimes tend to drift off into a world of their imagination? Ever asked yourself what they’re thinking about? Well, we hate to spoil the mystery, but it’s at least 90% probable that they’re thinking about surviving the zombie apocalypse.




That’s precisely why we think that this gift might be a hit. It sports all of the hallmarks of a Ladybird book; daintily drawn pictures and entertaining captions. But, the content really isn’t all as sweet as the Ladybird books you may remember! A quality chuckle at just $20! 




4. These Puzzle Coasters






No matter what age you are, you kind of have to admit that the video games that came out in the ’80s and ’90s were the best. There’s a good reason that their popularity still holds today. That’s precisely why we thought this set of four coasters with retro games built-in was a really creative idea for a gift.




All of the old favourites are there; there’s Space Invaders, PacMan, Q*Bert, and even Donkey Kong! So, this gift works on a few different levels (no pun intended). It’s great for kids, it’s great for those who are relentlessly fidgeting, and brilliant for retro gaming geeks. On top of all that, the set happens to cost only $20! 




5. This Doctor Who: Where’s the Doctor? Search and Find Book






There are few shows out there that have picked up such a cult following like Doctor Who. Love it or hate it, you have to admit that it’s got something special to stick around since 1963! That means that literal generations of geeks are still watching it together!




Naturally, that means that there’s quite a lot of merch out there. However, not much of this has managed to think as ‘outside the box’ as this gift idea. It’s Doctor Who, superimposed onto the classic Where’s Wally? style of book. This is guaranteed to appeal to Whovians of all ages – and it’s a snip at $15.99 




6. This DC Comics Welcome to Arkham Asylum Joker Door Mat






Welcome mats. They serve a definite purpose, but they can definitely be a bit boring. So, for the geek in your life who wants to express themselves that little bit more, we present to you this DC Comics Joker doormat.




We think that this gift idea is especially clever because, if the person you’re buying for prefers Marvel, they get to wipe their dirty boots on DC merchandise. If they prefer DC, well, they’ll probably try to keep it a little cleaner! Possibly the perfect gift for any geeky homeowner, for a very reasonable $29.99. 




7. The Little White Lies Movie Memory Game






For the film buffs in your life, why not give them the opportunity to showcase all of their big-screen knowledge? But, there’s a twist. This isn’t your typical memory game where you need to remember who said which quote! No, in this game, you need to match the clothing or prop that they are most associated with.




The set comes with 50 cards, and there’s also a really interesting movie guide with a load of facts about each one. All in all, when it comes to a last-minute stocking filler, this is definitely a strong contender at just $25




8. The Sweet Epicure Hamper






Okay, we hear you. What exactly is ‘geeky’ about a hamper full of delicious sweet treats? And, truth be told, the answer is not all that much. But remember that pretty much everyone is going to enjoy snacking on some of the most decadent nibbles out there while they relax over Christmas.




To us, it seems like this hamper was designed with exactly that in mind. It’s got everything: chocolates, vanilla almonds, macadamia shortbread – the list goes on! So, if you’re looking to absolutely spoil the geek in your life this Christmas, this hamper for $139 is the way to do it! 




9. The Kidzlabs Math Magic Kit






This one is for all the aspiring geeks out there. This set is sure to level you up a little as you learn how to trick and impress your friends with 15 mathematical magic tricks! It’s educational, but it will also have people dumbstruck as to how you did it!



This kit also teaches you how to read minds! That’s the stuff of science-fiction! For the budding geniuses out there, and even for those who are already there, you can’t go far wrong with this nifty kit for just $27.99. 




10. This Harry Potter Trivial Pursuit Game






Finishing out our list, we have another suggestion for the younger ones. But then again, we know plenty of fully grown adults who also love the Harry Potter books and films. In this game, players compete to see who knows the most Harry Potter trivia.




Seeing as this is based on the original trivial pursuit games, there are tonnes of questions to get through – 600, in fact. Better yet, there’s a second edition out, so when they’ve mastered this one, there’s plenty more to come! This compact and ridiculously tough board game can be picked up here for just $29.99. 


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