The Best Chocolate Christmas Hampers of 2021
The Best Chocolate Christmas Hampers of 2021



There’s nothing quite like getting a hamper full of your favourite things for Christmas, is there? Inevitably, you get to spend the few days on the lead up to New Year’s just stuffing your face with a decadent selection of delectable snacks. But, have you noticed that there’s always one or two bits in there that don’t quite hit the mark?


Well, we have too. And this got us thinking, “what if there were hampers out there that only had our favourite things in them?” No filler – only snacks that are guaranteed to disappear almost instantly. The good news is that you’re in luck! They actually do exist! So, if you are a chocolate fiend, you’re definitely going to want to check out these luxury chocolate Christmas hampers. We’ve got 6 different ones to show you – each with a different twist.




Gift Idea 1: The Simply Christmas Hamper



The most important characteristic of any hamper is that it is meant to dazzle and impress at first sight. Well, if you are looking to make that happen for someone who truly loves their cacao, you can’t go far wrong with this one! At first glance, it does have that “wow factor” that is so important in the festive season.


But the fun doesn’t end at the first glance. This hamper isn’t just ‘choc full’ of your basic chocolate treats. Possibly the most impressive element is the grove blueberries in sumptuous dark chocolate. And then, there’s the milk chocolate orange and the Christmas toffees. This hamper has range! That’s precisely why we think it’s a great contender for the best hamper to gift the chocaholic in your life! Amazingly, this hamper comes in at only $43. You can get yours here.



Gift Idea 2: The Christmas Chime Christmas Hamper



So, we’ve looked at the small but mighty hamper. Now it’s time to up the ante a little and add even more luxurious chocolatey goodness into the mix! This hamper is quite a bit different to the last in that it comes neatly presented in a large golden bucket and packs in quite a bit more. In fact, there are even some non-chocolate Christmas essentials in there – a traditional Christmas pudding, for example.


As ever, chocolate is the main focus here – and the luxury element is apparent. For us, the most extravagant part is the dangerously delicious chocolate coated macadamia nuts. It really doesn’t get much more luxurious than that! Considering the wealth of goodies in there, we’re more than happy to announce that this decadent selection comes in at a paltry $60.95! For the ultimate in Christmas hampers, just follow this link.



Gift Idea 3: The Chocolate Bubbles Christmas Hamper



Have you ever noticed that champagne and chocolate seem to pair better than pretty much anything else on earth? If you have, you seem not to be the only one. After all, if you can dream it up, there seems to be a hamper for it! This hamper manages to take all of the best elements of European chocolate and blend them effortlessly into one astoundingly rich selection.


To kick things off, the champagne that you’ll be getting is a full-sized bottle of Moet & Chandon. Then there’s the delectable Butler’s chocolate, all the way from Ireland. After those have been demolished, you could always move onto either the Italian chocolate truffles, the herb and spice chocolate brownie bite, or the coconut and strawberry chocolate cups. And that’s not even all there is to it! This obscenely indulgent hamper can be picked up right here!



Gift Idea 4: The Chocolate Festival Christmas Hamper



Okay. So maybe we lost the run of ourselves a little with that last hamper. Let’s get back to the basics here. This neat little hamper does exactly what you need it to – provide delectable high-quality chocolate and nothing else!


When it comes to surprising a loved one with a chocolate hamper for Christmas, we think it’s a far better idea to have loads of little treats for them to indulge themselves with for days. That’s precisely what this neat little hamper packs in. There are 24 individually wrapped, luxury Italian truffles to snack on. It comes in a sleek and refined gift box, complete with a laser-printed gift card. What more could you possibly want from a chocolate Christmas hamper?! Better yet, you can get yours here for only $40!



Gift Idea 5: The Chocolate Drops Christmas Panettone



Time to introduce something completely different. If you have Italian blood or have visited Italy, you will know just how important the traditional panettone is at Christmas time. It really isn’t truly Christmas without it! If you are not familiar, panettone is a thoroughly rich Italian bread, packed full of eggs and butter and a host of optional other fillings.


Of course, considering that we are all about chocolate here, the “other filling” was always going to be precisely that. This obscenely rich and sweet traditional bread really is something so special and unique. So, if you have never tried one of these before, you’ve definitely been missing out! We can’t recommend it enough! You can get yours here.



Gift Idea 6: The Chocolate Party Christmas Hamper



You have probably noticed that every hamper so far has been ideal in terms of satisfying the cravings of the chocoholic in your life. But what if you find yourself surrounded by them? If that’s you, we have the solution for that – the Chocolate Party Christmas Hamper.


This hamper immediately lives up to its name. For starters, there are 10 different types of chocolate treats in there – 10! For us, the best bit isn’t the quantity though. It’s the quality. You get amazing stuff like orange milk chocolate, rich Italian truffles, and there’s even some super-rich dark chocolate and raspberry chocolate! This decadent hamper is sure to feed the masses and can be picked up here for the decidedly reasonable price of $82!

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