How to Choose the Best Christmas Flowers in 2023?
How to Choose the Best Christmas Flowers in 2023?

Let’s face it, most guys are absolutely clueless when it comes to choosing the right flowers for any occasion.


Sure, most of us know that red roses are ideal for Valentine’s Day. But when it comes to Christmas, it is easy to get it totally wrong. For example, did you know that lilies are supposed to be reserved for times of mourning? Well, we didn’t either, until recently.


Luckily, there's no need for you to make the same mistakes we have. In this article, we’re going to outline what you need to know to make her Christmas special, with just the right flowers for the occasion.



1. This Christmas Poinsettia



Kicking off with the flower perhaps the most commonly associated with Christmas, the Poinsettia. These flowers make the ideal centrepiece at any Christmas banquet. Better yet, if you take care of them well, they can be brought into bloom again next year.


If you order from the link below, you can also choose to add in some extras, such as a plush toy, a box of chocolates, and even a festive variety of wines and champagne. For us, this is the go-to option for floral festive cheer, wrapped in pretty brown paper and a big red bow.


Order yours here and you can have this vibrant plant delivered within 48 hours, or even schedule it to arrive just before Christmas.


2. This Bromeliad Beauty



Made up of the classic Christmas colours of red and green, this lovely pot-plant could easily be a tropical Christmas 'tree.' Something a little bit different, this eye-catching Bromeliad will definitely get some conversations started - why it's a better option than using big European winter trees in the middle of Australian summer, for example.


A relative to the pineapple plant and the perfect shape to drape tinsel and baubles over, you won't regret having this out-of-the-box beauty displayed in your living room this Christmas. 


Order it from here today - you can even add on wine and bubbles, plush toys and boxes of chocolate if you're nice enough to be gifting this Bromeliad to some lucky recipient.


3. This Eco-Friendly Wreath



If you've seen any American Christmas film ever, you'll know how important the front door wreath is to them. They are everywhere! But sadly, that's not really a thing here.. but it could be! 


Wow, we just adore this wreath. It's so pretty, and distinctively Australian. It's woven from a variety of native plants: spinning gum, olive foliage, gum nuts and native fillers. 


The coolest bit - the wreath is fresh upon delivery, but is designed to be dried out and still keep its colour through Christmas (the magic of Australian foliage). It's mounted on an eco-friendly base, and suitable for both indoor and outdoor doorways.


This showstopper of a wreath will garner you many compliments this silly season. If you love Australian natives, get it delivered today!


4. These 'Candy Cane' Flowers



This sweet arrangement of gerberas and lilies gets its name from the traditional red, white and green colour scheme that is so synonymous with Christmas.


We’re no interior designers, but we think the crisp whiteness of the oriental lilies really pops against the brilliant red gerberas, and the lush green button chrysanthemums. Sprigs of eucalyptus gum and viburnum are a nod to Australian flora that only adds to its charm.


Delivered in a cute hatbox, we think they would make a lovely addition to any table or mantle during this year’s festivities. 


5. This Christmas Lily Bouquet



No Christmas flower list would be complete without some Christmas Lilies. Technically called White Oriental Lily, this vase would make the perfect thank you flowers to thank whoever is hosting this year - it's a big job!


The lilies symbolise peace and mending fences - and given the holiday has a reputation for a smidge of family squabbling, this bouquet helps set the tone for a calm and relaxed day with your nearest and dearest. 


Aesthetically, the arrangement looks like a winter wonderland - the white lilies are the snow, the green foliage is the deciduous trees dotted along the landscape, and the little red buds.. well, they're Rudolph's shiny red nose, of course!


For a classy addition to the Christmas table these holidays, click here to get this bouquet.



So, you’ve made it this far and still haven’t found the perfect flowers for her for Christmas? At this point, the best way to play it is to go with something simple, yet beautiful. This Heart of Christmas hamper serves that up with aplomb.


By offsetting the red flowers in this arrangement with an elegant white box and some smaller white flowers, the effect is one of simple elegance. Better yet, you can choose to add some chocolates, a foil balloon, or even a teddy bear for a small extra fee. This arrangement starts at $88.


5 Great Ideas for Christmas Flower Arrangements


That wraps up our rundown of tips to help you on your search for the perfect Christmas floral arrangement. We hope that this little guide helped you find what you were looking for, or at least gave you some idea where to start. Merry Christmas!



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