The Coolest Christmas Presents for Boys in 2023
The Coolest Christmas Presents for Boys in 2023

Choosing the right gift for boys can be a tough ask. It can also be more than a little frustrating when you’ve spent a lot of money on something that doesn’t seem to impress them at all! 


Though no two boys are the exact same, we have noticed are a few staple gifts that always seem to hit the mark. For the boys in your life, here are some safe, fun and cool bets for this year's Christmas gifts!


1. How about this Interactive Astronaut Robot?



These days, technology is in every facet of our everyday lives. Naturally, a lot of boys will find it really cool, even if they don’t fully understand how it works yet. Robotics often tends to pique their interest levels.


They can play and explore the farthest regions of the house with this interactive, rechargeable robot, controlling it via both remote control and hand gestures.


Capable of 50 different actions, it can dance, sing, patrol the house, and even speak via recorded messages. Basically, it’s like a real-life R2D2, that will amaze and delight both your boy and his dad!


At a very reasonable $60, this futuristic toy may well be the ideal gift this Christmas! 


2. Or this DIY Remote Control Racing Car



For your budding little engineer, we think this build-your-own remote control racing car will be a hit. Designed for beginner auto hobbyists, this kit will help develop his problem-solving skills and knowledge of car anatomy.


He'll get hours of satisfaction painting and assembling the components, which include plastic wheels, the remote control and a battery engine.


When it's built, he’ll own a cool, fully functional remote-control car to show off his efforts. He can even customise it with decals and a unique paint job!


This nifty little kit is a steal at only $29.


3. This Hoverball Harry Potter Golden Snitch 



Ever since the Harry Potter books and films came out, many of us have dreamed of being able to play a game of Quidditch.


However, seeing as we’re confined by our mere-mortal bodies, that just isn’t possible for most of us. But this toy brings us one step closer to living that dream.


Using infrared motion sensitive tech, this lightweight golden snitch not only hovers, it also responds to your hand movements! It’s remote-controlled, rechargeable via USB, and looks ridiculously close to the real thing. So, if you’re buying for a Quidditch fan, you could certainly do worse than this golden snitch for only $34.99.


4. Keep it Retro with this Potato Zapper Spud Gun



A lot has changed since we were kids. Simple gifts have been replaced by super high-tech toys like the robot astronaut above. That being said, some of the stuff us oldies used to play with has more than a little appeal left. You can’t mess with the classics, it seems!


When it comes to pure boyhood fun, shooting bits of potato at things was pretty much the best thing ever. So why not let them go nuts with the spud gun for a measly $17.85. Hours of (harmless) mischief, guaranteed!


5. Simplicity at its best: A Make your own High Bounce Balls Kit



Bouncy balls are always a hit when it comes to having a bit of fun. It’s simple, it generates a decent amount of chaos; basically, it’s boy stuff through and through. But the game changes a little when you actually get to sit down and design your own special models.


In this kit, you’ll find everything you need to make a vast array of different shapes and patterns. There’s even metallic and glow in the dark finishes. To be honest, we’re a little bit jealous this wasn’t around in our day. You can either gift this or keep it for yourself at only $25.


6. This Dual Weather Station



Admittedly, this isn’t so much a present just for the boys. Pretty much anyone will find this nifty little device more than a little interesting.


Seeing that it accurately predicts the weather, it isn’t exactly your typical Christmas gift. But, for those interested in those kinds of things – it’s pretty much ideal.


The way it works is really simple. One side will tell you how cloudy the day is going to be. When that cylinder is cloudy, it’s going to be the same outside. The other cylinder accurately gives you the temperature. Grab one for $49.


7. This Touch Sensitive T-Rex Rechargeable LED Night Light



No list of gift ideas for boys would be complete without at least one mention of dinosaurs! After all, from the age of 3, boys just love to rattle off dinosaur facts to just about anyone who will listen.


It may sound like a bad idea to invite a T-Rex into the bedroom but this chill little dude isn’t scary in the slightest. To turn it on and adjust the brightness, all you need to do is give it a light tap or a squeeze.


It’s also super-practical, USB rechargeable and very portable. Coming in at $24.80, this dino companion will help send him off to sleep in no time. 


8. This Inflatable T-Rex Costume



And here it is; the second and last mention of dinosaurs on this list. Let’s face it, dinosaurs are pretty much the coolest thing ever when it comes to children’s imaginations. They’re massive, they’re green (well besides this one), and they’re sometimes a little mean.


For the dino-obsessed boy, what cooler experience is there than the opportunity to actually become one whenever they want? For $69.99, we think this costume is pretty roar-some! Buyer beware of the unavoidable pranks that will ensue!


9. These 360 Degree Virtual Reality Glasses



When it comes to new tech, we can think of few things boys love more than virtual reality goggles. Luckily, they are no longer prohibitively expensive and the boys can finally have a go!


These Virtuality goggles are the perfect gift for the tech-head boy in your life - with a 360-degree view, they can explore a range of places and go on myriad adventures, all from the comfort of the living room. Just be careful or their dad might pinch it for himself!


Because the goggles are compatible with multiple VR apps, there are a heap of cool experiences to be had: running with the bulls, swimming with sharks, hanging out in space.


The goggles are compatible with smartphones with screen sizes between 8.9 - 15.25cm and allow for lens focus adjustments to better see their new world. Simply slide the smartphone into the headset and you're good to go.


Expand their worldview for the seriously achievable price of $27.


10. The Superhero Handbook



Imagination and creativity are central to the experience of being a boy. If you’re not running away from invisible dinosaurs, you’re probably out in the garden trying to save the world. If the boy you are buying for wants to be a superhero when he grows up, he will love this book.


This cool handbook will help your boy find his superhero identity - he will craft his own superhero name, create a unique costume and special gadgets, and discover his superpower.


He'll even get an intro to superhero ethics! At $22.07, this handbook will prepare him for all of the adventures that await him. 

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