Top 10 Hottest TOYS for Christmas 2023!
Top 10 Hottest TOYS for Christmas 2023!

Buying gifts for kids is tough, very tough. Every year it seems like a thousand different companies try to sell us a million different new toys!


It just gets harder and harder to know what’s good and what isn’t, let alone keeping up with the current crazes.  


Fear not, we've done the research and dug up a few gems that are sure to be winners on the big day (and mostly at a great price point too!)


Suitable from birth: This Jellycat Collectable Sandwich Plushy



If you are not familiar with the Jellycat brand, they are pretty much the go-to toy when it comes to buying for newborns and toddlers. Created in late 90s London, there’s just something about the way their adorable toys look that make them a hit – every single time!


We’re totally unsurprised that this adorable little sandwich (there’s a sentence I never thought I’d write) is also taking the world by storm.


Of course, there isn’t much to this little guy. He’s just a guaranteed friend for your baby, toddler, or full-grown adult that appreciates the aesthetic value of a happy sandwich. Om nom nom.


A cute gift for all ages, get this collectable plushy for $66.56. Maybe one day it will even become the new Beanie Babies!


For ages 0 months and up: the Silicone Squeezy Bath Toy Set



When it comes to entertaining babies, it’s all about simplicity. They have no need for fancy tech or expensive gifts, they just want to touch and grab things. Make bathtime fun with this 4 pack of colourful squeezy toys.


Shaped liked a variety of cute animals, these silicone bath toys are safe and great for squeezing. They even have a group of little holes, to amaze baby with a shower of water coming from the toy's head (plus it makes them easier to dry out internally).


With these cute bath toys, all you need to do is dunk it, squeeze it, and then watch the water flow through the holes.


Trust us, the little ones go crazy for that kind of stuff. Though advertised as a bath toy, we see no reason this toy wouldn’t be just as fun at the beach. You can get yours here for $35.


18 Months and up: These Wooden Sound and Sensory Blocks



This pretty set of sound and sensory blocks is an experience like no other for little ones. With 14 separate pieces, each will be grabbed and played with before they figure out the puzzle of getting everything back neatly inside the box.


Each piece is wooden and beautifully painted in stimulating designs such as rainbows, flowers, even a toucan!   


Kids can use them to build, make simple sounds and, with non-toxic paint, even put them in their mouths. An extremely pretty set, it will also make a lovely addition to the toy pile and won't upset the aesthetic of mum's house!


The design and build quality of each piece is absolutely immaculate, and seeing as they’re fabricated from natural wood, they are especially nice to touch, hold, and play with. Grab one for $55 to help them on their journey to hand-eye coordination.


For ages 2 and up: this Nordic Wooden Tool Box 



Kids tend to try and replicate a lot of what they see us doing. So, if you are getting nervous about how your child is eyeing up your power tools, it may be time to consider getting them their own. Naturally, with a few of the more dangerous features removed, of course!


Sets like these are great for children 2+ as they refine their problem solving and fine motor skills. Not only that, they are great for the imagination too. It’s a 20-piece set too and very pretty, so it’ll definitely give them a taste of life on the sites! 


This fun and aesthetically pleasing wooden tool box can be picked up for $44.


For ages 3 and up: This Huge Dolphin Kite



We get what you’re saying. “What’s new and exciting about a kite?” Well, this kite isn’t your regular kite that we had when we were young. He's big, he's water friendly, and has a beautiful tail and colourful streamers which the kids will love. 


Made of strong and lightweight material, he's easy to fold and carry and won't tear easily, which means more carefree days showing him the world.


The kids will quickly get the hang of it, and together you can pull off some great acrobatics. Essentially, this is the sort of Christmas gift that is fun for kids of all ages (3-60+). 


This Christmas, the kids will be flying high with this beautiful guy for only $29.99.


For ages 3 and up: This Novelty Poo Curling Game



Every now and then, it’s just gotta be about the cheap laughs. It can’t all be educational, right? If you agree, this is probably the toy you’ve been looking for. And, if you are familiar with the game of curling, you’ll also know exactly how this works.


Basically, all you need to do is curl the poo into the loo! The one who gets it closest wins! The mat is about 1.2 metres in length and allows you plenty of space to miss the loo entirely! It’s silly, simple, and it’s good value for $35.75. 


For ages 5 and up: This Make Your Own Robotic Octopus Claw



This is essentially the perfect toy for the kid who’s imaginative and wants to build something themselves. And, it works in the same way as an arcade robot claw.


After you put it together, you just pull the lever and the tentacles will close in around whatever the target is. It's addictive, and soon they'll be passing you the tomato sauce with their claw!


As a build, it’s quite easy and takes only 9 parts and some screws to assemble. As such, it would definitely make the perfect present for Christmas lunch or dinner as they'll be playing straight away.


After all, octopuses and robots are pretty cool, right? If your kid thinks so too, you can grab one of these claws here for $28.45.


For ages 6-12, this Hot Wheels Build and Race Kit!



Okay. So if you are of a certain age, there’s a pretty good chance that you remember Hot Wheels cars pretty vividly. In fact, you’ve probably already shot one of them up a ramp and into something expensive. That’s essentially what they were designed for, right?


Well, amazingly, not much has changed since then. Hot Wheels are still cool! Except, now they’re even cooler than they were before. With this kit, you can set your inner artist (or your child’s – if you must) free.


You get to design each panel of the car, then it just neatly slots together – without glue! Then, all that’s left is to pull it back and watch it go! You can get yours here for just $19.95.


For ages 8 and up: this Dinosaur Archeology Model Kit



Dinosaurs; they’ve never ceased to be a huge part of the imagination of the average child. But what if we could see them come to life before our very eyes?


With this awesome and educational kit, they can be an archeologist for the day - excavating and sweeping for the fossils, washing and piecing them together to show off their discovery. 


Choose between 5 different dinosaurs - they have a fearsome T-Rex, fabled wooly mammoth, plus the Triceratops, Stegosaurus and Brachiosaurus. 


This fascinating kit comes with a block of 'earth' to dig through, dinosaur bones, and tools for discovering and cleaning the bones. There's even a guidebook to teach the kids about the dinosaur they’re building. Finished with one? There are 4 more to choose from. You can grab yours here for $24.99.


For ages 12 and up: this Lunar Rover LEGO Kit



For the kids who are extra curious about space, how things work, or both, how about a toy that’s a challenge but also still a lot of fun? For us, the most impressive part of this build-your-own kit is the level of detail!


Once you have used the tools provided to put together all 250+ parts (plus 3 tiny little astronauts) they can plant their flag on the moon, and zoom this very realistic Lunar Rover Vehicle around all week.


With 12 wheels, it even has omnidirectional steering! What better way is there to kick on an interest in space?


The NASA Lunar Rover is far less expensive than the real thing too, snag yours for $49.99.



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That about wraps it up for the HOTTEST gifts for kids this year. We hope that you found the kind of gift that you were looking for on this shortlist.


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