Top Wooden Toy Christmas Gift Ideas
Top Wooden Toy Christmas Gift Ideas

Durable, safe, timeless, eco-friendly... Wooden toys are fantastic Christmas gifts! Lime Tree Kids range of brands offer super cute, unique designs and quality products, not to mention fun, timeless toys that your kids are just going to love, and can pass down for generations to come!


Check out some of their most popular products in our range of wooden toys, and get inspired for Christmas!


Make Me Iconic Toy Australia Post Box


Don't forget the stamp! This lovingly designed iconic piece of history, the red Australia Post Box still sits at the end of the street waiting for your letters to Santa and the Tooth Fairy, postcards and yes, even your bills. And now you can have your very own!


Just like the iconic Australia Post Box, there is a slot to post letters and to pull down for those bulky items. Complete with mix and match 6 envelopes/postcards, and 6 wooden stamps, this gorgeous iconic wooden toy nurtures imaginations and memories, and is a very special toy and heirloom.


Shop Make Me Iconic Toy Australia Post Box



Wooden Animal Truck


Could this gorgeously crafted Wooden Animal Truck be the Christmas gift idea you've been searching for? It has space for all the animals, encouraging development of hand-eye coordination, and comes with 5 animals which can also be used for imaginative play.


The truck will roll around wherever you want to take it, and will provide endless good times!


Shop Wooden Animal Truck Here


Kinderfeets Walker Pram - Various Colours


Get two toys in one! The Kinderfeets Pram is both a baby walker and a traditional doll's pram. It's the perfect way to get babies comfortable taking their first steps. Once they've perfected walking the pram's stabilizing pegs can be removed turning the walker into a dedicated pram!


With large, retro-style wheels for easy manoeuvering, and rubber trim to protect your floors, your little one will be running laps around the house before you know it!


Shop Kinderfeets Walker Pram Here


Im Toy Musical Melody Mix - Various Colours


The Melody Mix Pastel is a delightful musical activity toy that comes with 10 removable music instruments : xylophone, drum, tubular chimes, triangle, cymbal, bells, maracas, castanet, double guiro, and pair of rhythm sticks plus 2 strikers and 1 scraper. Phew!


They're tons of fun, super cheery with bright colours, and long-lasting!


Shop Im Toy Musical Melody Mix Here


Baby Walker With Blocks


This multi-functional walker comes complete with 30 colourful, wooden alphabet and numerical blocks. By encouraging toddlers to get moving and learn how to walk, this Baby Walker is extremely beneficial for developing fine motor skills and hand eye coordination.


The beautifully designed wooden blocks will also help little ones learn how to count numbers, make words and identify shapes and patterns. Made from high-quality, solid wood, this sustainable wooden toy combines play, fun, and movement and is sure to be loved by any toddler!


Shop Baby Walker With Blocks Here



Penguin Bowling in a Bag


A classic game with a fun penguin-themed twist! Use the wooden bowling ball to knock over the 10 Penguin Pins, and repeat! This game is so much fun by yourself, with friends, or even with siblings if you're desperate!


Once you're done, pack it up in it's reusable cotton storage bag, and take it wherever you like!


Shop Penguin Bowling in a Bag Here


Calm & Breezy Wooden Trucks & Vehicles


Calm & Breezy's collection of wooden trucks, cars, and everything in between is the perfect gift for any child who loves things that GO!


Whether they love waiting for the recycling truck, watching emergency vehicles whizz by with their lights and sirens, or checking out noisy construction sites, there is a Calm & Breezy toy for everyone!


Shop Calm & Breezy Wooden Trucks & Vehicles Here


Wooden Puzzles - Variety of styles and designs


We have a great range of wooden puzzles available here at Lime Tree Kids! If you're into letters and numbers, there's something for you!


If you're into animals, yes there's something for you too! And if you're into cars, trains, shapes, or colours, then there's something for you as well!


Shop All Wooden Puzzles Here


Wooden Activity Rocket


The Activity Rocket has activities on all four sides. Your child will enjoy exploring each side of this rocket as they manipulates the beads, cogs and wooden pieces, to improve their hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills, and problem solving abilities.


Shop Wooden Activity Rocket Here


Kapla 100 Case


This Christmas, ignite the spirit of creativity with the perfect gift—the KAPLA 100 wooden plank set. Imagine the joy of constructing unique creations using 100 precision-crafted, untreated wooden planks.


Enclosed in a sleek wooden case with two compartments, this set is not just a present; it's an adventure in logical thinking, creativity, perseverance, and patience.  Follow the step by step instructions or build your own creations.


Shop All Kapla Here


Lime Tree Kids have a great range of Kids toys- take a look for yourself!

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