There are many great Christmas Light displays across Perth's Northern Suburbs!

Scroll through the list of the best displays in Perth's North below! Select the locations you'd like to explore to find out more details, including photos and videos.

You can favourite the ones you wish to visit so you can make your own North Perth Christmas Light driving list!

Then grab the family or some friends, pop on some Christmas outfits and enjoy your very own Christmas Lights Trail, perfect to make some long lasting memories!

Alexander Heights Christmas Lights:

  • 30 Lancer Way

    Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Licenced Characters. This 100% solar-powered Christmas light display is Super Mario-themed, featuring iconic characters like Mario, his Kart, Yoshi and more! It's a visual feast for Mario fans, showcasing Warp Pipes, Mushrooms, Blocks, Super Stars and even Bowser's Castle alongside plush toys. Explore the medium-sized display adorned with a decorated roof, walk-in displays,= and licensed characters — lit until midnight every night. Let's-a-go! [Details]

  • 4 Flanders Place

    . Over 5,000 coloured lights, icicles, three laser light shows, Christmas music playing, with father Christmas on his bench, reindeer on the lawn, three large lollipop lights, and two magical arches. No problem with parking as there is plenty of parking available at the shops opposite. [Details]

  • 8 La Salle Road

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Walk through this truly interactive display in Alexander Heights. There are so many things to explore and try on including christmas hats and glasses. Don’t miss Santa’s chair, the Whoville display, spot Bert and Ernie from sesame street and debate the footy next to the Richmond Tigers dedicated Christmas tree. [Details]

Aveley Christmas Lights:

  • 10 Aston Chase

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. So much effort has gone into this house to create a dreamy Christmas display. A candy cane or lollipop is gifted for the little ones and a lazor light on the driveway that is a hit with the kids to have a dance to some merry tunes. The snow machine creates a realistic winter Christmas but the display with Santa, his reindeer and many huge Christmas trees make you say WOW! Merry Christmas ???? ???? [Details]

Balga Christmas Lights:

  • 191 Mirrabooka Avenue

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Lots of lights and characters from a 11 foot snowman to a cheerful wombat! [Details]

Ballajura Christmas Lights:

  • 90 Pelican Parade

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display. I have a corner house with two sides decorated along with the roof. Two Chrismass trees one 10 mtr tall north folk island pine tree fully decorated with lights [Details]

  • 8 Cahow Grove

    Music Played,Roof Decorated. Massive 15000 light display synced to music. Singing faces on the mega tree. Tune to 97.5fm to hear the music. Must see in Perth [Details]

  • 97 Jacaranda Drive

    Inflatables. Inflatables, mini arch and bright colours. Majority of lights are solar! [Details]

  • 6B Crane Glen

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Native animals, Santa's sleigh [Details]

Banksia Grove Christmas Lights:

  • Alpina Promenade

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. Roof, front of house and inflatables [Details]

  • 9 Pollen Turn

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. We have a bit of everything for the kids to enjoy. Lights on the roof, lights on the grass, trees and inflatables [Details]

Bayswater Christmas Lights:

  • 29 Murray Street

    Music Played,Roof Decorated. We have over 25,000 lights all computer controlled stretching across 2 houses! Must see in Perth [Details]

  • 17 Morey Crescent

    Inflatables,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Mixture of powered and solar lights. Lots of colour and cuteness. [Details]

  • 6 Norco Way

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections. Lights Reindeer Blow ups [Details]

Brabham Christmas Lights:

  • 65 Georgina Parade

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Come check out our Christmas lights display :) [Details]

  • 128 Pannage Way

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections. Full of light of different colours, lots of things happening, plenty of inflatables and moving lights.. [Details]

  • 169 Partridge Street

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated. Almost 8000 computer controlled LEDs to make the whole house dance and sing. [Details]

  • Propeller Avenue

    . Garden and trees with flashing lights [Details]

Carramar Christmas Lights:

  • 42 Kippilaw Loop

    Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Santa waving at the window and the Roof on the shelf playing in the Christmas tree [Details]

Caversham Christmas Lights:

Clarkson Christmas Lights:

  • 10 Elmhurst Drive

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display. . [Details]

  • 75 Observatory Drive

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music. This dazzling display unfolds at the rear of a property overlooking Tamarama Park, on the corner of Ocean Keys Blvd and Tamara Cres. Don't miss the synchronised music lights, illuminating from 7:45pm to 8:30pm, with a third of the lights computer-controlled. The spectacle includes moving features, festive inflatables, a decorated roof and a towering giant Christmas tree — all displaying until New Year's Eve. [Details]

  • 45 Bateson Heights

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Lasers/ Projections. 45 Bateson Heights Clarkson. Visible from Conolly drive. Tune into 88.8 FM between 7.30PM and 9.00PM Having always had Christmas lights, this is my second year Foray into the world of Digital Lighting. Track list will commence with some Xmas favourites of course and then make its way into some more popular Genres. I've added a 20 x 36 Matrix Display to the front window this weekend a little delayed due to equipment Failure. There's some speakers in the garden for some sing a long's Friday and Saturday ( not so loud during the week so it wont annoys my neighbours [Details]

  • 7 Tomas View

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. So many lights, The kids love going down our street every night before bed to see them. Good job! [Details]

Connolly Christmas Lights:

  • 21 Ocean Shores Edge

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. Inflatables and hand painted Disney characters. Always a good time [Details]

  • Prairie Dunes Place

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections. We have 23 houses in our street and all put lights up. Probably the only street with so many houses in one street that do that. [Details]

Craigie Christmas Lights:

  • 23 Adelaide Circle

    Music Played,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated. life sized homemade nativity scene [Details]

  • 33 Idaho Place

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated. Colourful Collection of Rope and fairy lights with a few inflatables. [Details]

  • 1 Eleanor Court

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. LED Solar lights, inflatables, moving figurines plus lots of handmade elements [Details]

  • 9 Glenside Crescent

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections. I have been decorating our house every Christmas, for 5 years since I was eight years old. I love absolutely everything about Christmas, especially Christmas lights. Each year our display gets bigger and better. We have over 7 inflatables, 3 lasers, 7 or more silhouette and over 500m in lights. Some nights it includes a snow machine for the children. Closer to Christmas you may even catch Santa Claus on his rocking chair. This year we are fundraising for Red Nose Australia. [Details]

Currambine Christmas Lights:

  • 20 Pinegrove Mews

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Inflatables, Moving lights, Lazers Solar lights during the week, Inflatables Fri-Sun [Details]

Dayton Christmas Lights:

  • 160 Victoria Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Walk In Display. You may get out of car to take photos and say hi to the residence. Beautiful raindear's that look real. If you pass during the day they have cut out wood characters that the young kids enjoy. Big bright handmade Xmas treat made of light. [Details]

Dianella Christmas Lights:

  • 4 Penguin Street

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Our lights hope to bring you a little closer to the North Pole. We are very aptly situated on Penguin Street and our Christmas lights will make you feel welcome and hopefully kindle the Christmas Spirit in your heart. [Details]

Doubleview Christmas Lights:

Duncraig Christmas Lights:

  • Samson Court

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Synchronised To Music,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Many hands make lights work. Rolling straight into Duncraig you'll discover an entire court embracing the Christmas spirit for a wheely fun time, raising money for Wheelchairs4Kids. You'll see all the classics; reindeer, sleighs, santa, interactive displays and if you can spot them an emu and kangaroo. [Details]

  • 15 Kalyba Place

    Moving Features,Interactive Display. A medium sized display of moving lights and neighbours to a massive display of lights [Details]

Ellenbrook Christmas Lights:

  • 11 Hatfield Road

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. . [Details]

  • 1 Gibbney Way

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections. 1000's of lights. Animations. Majority of front yard is covered in lights. Lots of RGB lighting [Details]

  • 24 Brigalow Bend

    Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections. Just a few pretty lights [Details]

  • 21 Arrowsmith Avenue

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Icicles, coloured lights, imagery & lots of candy canes!!! [Details]

  • 114 Charlottes Vista

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Our display includes Santa’s Grotto, and Sleigh, Gingerbread House and many, many lights! We also sell popcorn and fairy floss, raising money for the Hannah's House. [Details]

  • 32 Soho Brace

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Nothing fancy. But enough to make a kid grin [Details]

  • Jennapullin Crescent

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Most houses in the street have lights [Details]

Embleton Christmas Lights:

Floreat Christmas Lights:

  • 114 Brookdale Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Lovely bright lights surround this house and is adorned by an inflatable Santa, Reindeer and a LED Christmas tree. [Details]

  • 122 Lissadell Street

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. cohesive and classy display featuring lifesize nutcrackers bows and wreaths [Details]

Girrawheen Christmas Lights:

  • 49 Nanovich Avenue

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated. We have the biggest Christmas tree around! Plus lots of lights all over the house and front garden [Details]

Greenwood Christmas Lights:

Gwelup Christmas Lights:

  • 3 D'Ercole Court

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine. A phenomenal display of how modern technology can still bring magic at Christmas time. Featuring 15+ Christmas songs synchronised to a light show this display will be sure to have the whole family in awe. If you're looking to avoid the crowds you can even tune in from your car radio. And just when you thought it couldn't get any better on select days it also snows. [Details]

Heathridge Christmas Lights:

  • Conway Grove

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Santa crayfishing off a boat [Details]

  • 10 Conway Grove

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Santa crayfishing from a lit boat. Roof covered in lights. Tree covered in lights. Please park at the park if you can and walk down for the safety of little chidren. [Details]

  • 5 Coongan Court

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. So many lights everywhere. From the Roof to the curbside, there are so many things to see [Details]

Highgate Christmas Lights:

Hillarys Christmas Lights:

  • 2 Newport Gardens

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Lights at 2,4 and 8 Newport Gdns and collection at 4 Newport Gdns [Details]

  • 8 Newport Gardens

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated. Large house. Lots of lights. In a street with other house with lights [Details]

  • 16 Ferndene Mews

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. assorted [Details]

  • 4 Newport Gardens

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Large display. You can view from the park across the road. [Details]

  • 6 Anacapri Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. We have a life size dancing Santa, life size fire place, lights over the roof, garden and lawn and music! We encourage people to walk around the garden displays and take selfies with Santa and you may be lucky enough to see one of our famous elf hat shows and bubbles ! [Details]

  • 17 Debenham Way

    Moving Features,Inflatables. Worth look at when going to light around mawson park. [Details]

Hocking Christmas Lights:

  • 6 Buxton Entrance

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. Great display including a 3 metre Cat in the Hat, Santa coming out of the chimney, a seesaw and a herd of reindeer to name a few. Thousands of lights on the roof, house and gardens have been used to create this display. Other houses in the street have also joined in and put lights on their homes. [Details]

  • 23 Eradu Ramble

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. One of a number of houses in the street covered in lights [Details]

  • 30 Eradu Ramble

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections. There are a few houses on the street that do this. An assortment of roof display, floor lights, projection, inflatables and other ornament's. [Details]

Iluka Christmas Lights:

  • Caspian Pass

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. A great little street if you are near by [Details]

Joondalup Christmas Lights:

Kiara Christmas Lights:

Kingsley Christmas Lights:

Kinross Christmas Lights:

  • 21 Arbroath Circle

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Extensive light display - more than 25,000 lights [Details]

  • 17 Galloway Turn

    Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. Loads of lights [Details]

  • 10 Darvel Close

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Just for fun hope you enjoy [Details]

  • 7 Shetland Rise

    Music Played,Interactive Display. Aprox 5mtr tall fully lit tree that plays a rgb light show timed to music. Press the button again if you don't like the song [Details]

Landsdale Christmas Lights:

Marangaroo Christmas Lights:

Merriwa Christmas Lights:

  • 64 Grand Paradiso Parade

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Interactive for everyone looking to have some giggles while enjoying looking at lights [Details]

  • 71 Coldstream Circuit

    . Bright merry Christmas sign, different colours, flashing and non flashing, 3 different projectors [Details]

Morley Christmas Lights:

  • 43 Wolseley Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. Traditional reindeer, Santa, Frosty the Snowman and the big Christmas tree [Details]

Mullaloo Christmas Lights:

  • 9 Livonia Place

    Nativity Scene,Lasers/ Projections. Icicle lights across the whole front of the house, lit up nativity, deer, quaint holly lights in front windows, projected animated lights on the driveway and garage door, a row of candy canes in the garden. [Details]

Noranda Christmas Lights:

  • 5 Healey Place

    . Sweet elf with a reindeer, Santa giving a wave, a snowflake on top of a tree and so much more. [Details]

  • 14 Armstrong Way

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. With decorations scattered from the roof to the lawns, come and see the colourful lights, Santa, reindeer, elves and inflatables between two neighbouring houses on Armstrong way, Noranda. [Details]

  • 31 Lindsay Drive

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. As above [Details]

  • 9 Noranda Place

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. 9 Noranda Place has been doing their lights for many years and each year it gets bigger and better. Set over a two story home their display is neat, different and beautifully lit. 3 other houses over Noranda Place/Avenue also light up their houses so the street looks very festive and fun. [Details]

Padbury Christmas Lights:

  • 33 Gregory Avenue

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Roof , plants, fences covered with lights. Inflatables. [Details]

  • 3 Lewis Court

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display. Lots of lights and a sleigh for photo ops. Raising money for ocean heroes, surfing the spectrum. A not for profit organisation for people on spectrum. [Details]

  • 21 Favenc Way

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. We are a very interactive light display, with most of the street having some lights. Our house has photo opportunity with the big red sleigh, Santa chair and plenty other photo opportunities. Have a dance to some Christmas tunes and if you’re lucky you’ll see some bubbles or some snow. Next door at 19, they have Santa’s Room so be sure to take a walk through and explore the amazing Christmas displays. Bring your spare change and make a donation in the wishing well to Care Bags WA - because kids in care matter. [Details]

Pearsall Christmas Lights:

  • 8 Darlington Loop

    Roof Decorated,Walk In Display. We have a 25 Year Lemax collectables village set up in the Garage along with silhouettes that cover our roof and Garden. All vibrant colours! [Details]

  • 92 East Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. 12000 led lights display, 5 meter nutcracker, a giant Rudolph and his sled on the balcony, a giant frosty the snowman, giant Santa waving at you [Details]

  • 32 Boboli Way

    Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. Full front garden led display with Christmas tree and full roof led’s [Details]

  • 6 East Road

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. We have an awesome programmed screen, roof and 3m christmas tree. [Details]

  • 8 Merrigig Way

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine. We have over 50000 lights, music, snow, a train and the big man himself [Details]

Sinagra Christmas Lights:

  • 27 Basico Avenue

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Inflatables Lots of lights Snow machine week of Christmas [Details]

  • 27 Giglia Drive

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. First display hopefully everyone enjoys. [Details]

  • 28 Bonannella Entrance

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Lots of little things more will always be added as I find awesome things [Details]

Sorrento Christmas Lights:

  • 8 Howland Road

    Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Great display - worth the drive [Details]

South Guildford Christmas Lights:

  • 2 Lautour Street

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. This has the whole roof lit with multiple inflatables , a gingerbread house and grinch on the roof [Details]

  • 1 Pexton Drive

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Roof is fully covered a few inflatables and a grinch And gingerbread cubby house [Details]

  • 4 Lautour Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Light on the roof and inflatables plus snow [Details]

Stirling Christmas Lights:

  • Jones Street

    Nativity Scene,Window Display. Very bright lights [Details]

  • 13 Potenza Avenue

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables. Large artificial fence covered in fake snow and lights with a gingerbread archway entry into our front yard and lights throughout. [Details]

Tapping Christmas Lights:

  • 25 Clarafield Meander

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Synchronised To Music,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. 20000 light displays full of magical colours. Come up to the front window and check out the lemax village. Our whole display is walk through Why not take a picture in the bauble photo frame Or even write a letter to Santa and pop It in the mail box to receive a reply back from the big man himself. Come have a boogie to some awesome Christmas carols. ! We look forward to welcoming you to lights on clarafield meander [Details]

  • 66 Palmerston Crescent

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. Lights and lasers [Details]

  • 9 Atanasoff Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Bold Christmas lights, a stand out in tapping [Details]

  • 14 Bazille Crescent

    Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. Our Australian themed display features Santa. mrs Claus and Bluey characters [Details]

The Vines Christmas Lights:

Trigg Christmas Lights:

  • 305 West Coast Drive

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Nothing says Christmas like a Jolly display festive lights. We have over 15 eliminated Christmas trees, reindeer, and a 4 meter waterfall display :) [Details]

Wanneroo Christmas Lights:

  • 56 Taywood Drive

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Lights and music 22 song different every night [Details]

  • 23 Jindinga Way

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. We have lights all over the roof, fun inflatables including a carousel and all over the grass! And a countdown projector [Details]

  • 10 Topeka Place

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Lights display with a few personal touches and a new snowman cutout hopeful that other families can enjoy together! [Details]

Warwick Christmas Lights:

Wembley Downs Christmas Lights:

  • 14 Newbery Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music. Lights & animations on a light matrix & megatree synced to music broadcast on 88.9FM. Glimpses of Santa in a chimney & exiting from a dunny [Details]

  • Dunrossil Place

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. The whole cul de sac is involved and it’s magical [Details]

  • 24 Ridge Street

    Music Played. Lights synced to music and a radio station to listen in your car [Details]

Woodlands Christmas Lights:

  • 9 Oakwood Avenue

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Happy Christmas Woodlands Christmas lights We are once again collecting for Broken Crayons Still Colour Foundation a charity that assist people escape domestic violence and rebuild their lives. [Details]

Woodvale Christmas Lights:

  • 18 Maitland Rise

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine. Xmas lights, roof lights, inflatables, life sized Santa sleigh, snow machine, interactive Xmas scene on projector [Details]

Yokine Christmas Lights:

  • 134 Moulden Avenue

    Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. 4,250 Twinkly lights, another 7,500+ led lights, the Grinch plus Bluey & Bingo and a gingerbread house! [Details]

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