There are many great Christmas Light displays across Adelaide's Southern Suburbs!

Scroll through the list of the best displays in Adelaide's South below! Select the locations you'd like to explore to find out more details, including photos and videos.

You can favourite the ones you wish to visit so you can make your own South of Adelaide Christmas Light driving list!

Then grab the family or some friends, pop on some Christmas outfits and enjoy your very own Christmas Lights Trail, perfect to make some long lasting memories!

Aberfoyle Park Christmas Lights:

  • Medina Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. lights & inflatables [Details]

  • 20 Summerford Road

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections. A big display of lights and wooden cutouts [Details]

  • 7 Tandy Street

    Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Roof displays. Lights in garden. Flashing stars. Christmas stars. As flags, led lit trees [Details]

  • 84 Sunnymeade Drive

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Christmas lights [Details]

  • 1 Wilma Court

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display. Over 50000 leds. Bright. Colourful. Exciting [Details]

  • 37 Pine Drive

    Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Medium display across our large front garden and roof. Lots of lights. Snowman, large pile of gifts lights, Xmas tree, reindeer scene, candy canes, Santa climbing up a ladder. [Details]

  • Haven Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Lots of colour, flashing lights, inflateables, flowers for sale from our honesty stall. [Details]

Belair Christmas Lights:

  • 9 Winding Way

    Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Our light display is a one-of-a-kind experience that people can embrace and enjoy. With thousands of light on display, we showcase many many features including a Santa sleigh, a 3.7m Christmas tree, four 1.4 metre reindeer and so much more! Come experience this at 9 Winding Way Belair 5052! [Details]

  • 7 Bowman Avenue

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Medium sized front yard with animals, roof display of Santa and reindeer. [Details]

  • 30 Banksia Crescent

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Added to every year 2023 is bigger and better than before! [Details]

Bellevue Heights Christmas Lights:

  • Federation Court

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Multiple homes participate in a splendid display of lights. [Details]

Blackwood Christmas Lights:

  • 9 Trevor Terrace

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. Lights and inflatables and ornaments. The trees in the park are also lit up so it’s like walking through a garden of lights. [Details]

  • 57 Gulfview Road

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Have you ever seen a Christmas display and wondered "what if they did this or that?". You're in luck in Blackwood. Pull out that smart phone and send your very own commands to this display and see what you can create! [Details]

Chandlers Hill Christmas Lights:

  • 2 The Crest

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Window Display. This large Christmas light display in Adelaide features music, a decked-out roof and captivating window displays! Tune in to 89.5 for a sequenced display where the music syncs up perfectly — think singing faces, a mega tree, arches, candy canes, mini trees and a cheery Merry Christmas sign. The best bit? You get to vote for your favourite sequence to enjoy! Don't miss unique songs, a great solo location and a killer view. [Details]

Christie Downs Christmas Lights:

  • 6 Godfrey Street

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene. Whole front of house and yard is choc'o'block full of lights [Details]

  • 6 Stephen Crescent

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Bright and fun Christmas lights [Details]

  • Peregrine Crescent

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. houses and gardens decorated lots of lights [Details]

  • Owen Court

    Inflatables,Christmas Statues. Come have a look at the variety of lights and statues, see if you can spot Santa hanging in the tree. Inflatable Santa and dog will be on every night unless there is bad weather [Details]

  • 6 Glasgow Street

    Inflatables. Multicoloured twinkling lights and an inflatable gingerbread man [Details]

Clapham Christmas Lights:

  • 6 Windsor Avenue

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. We have created a wonderful display for all to enjoy. Come and see the cool zone filled with snowmen and penguins to the elves and Kangaroo. Merry Christmas to all and have a wonderful New Year ! [Details]

Clarence Park Christmas Lights:

Clovelly Park Christmas Lights:

  • 3 Australian Avenue

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display. Xmas lighting for community. Merry Christmas! [Details]

  • 75 Daws Road

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Lots of colourful lights, Santa and reindeer on roof, window silhouettes, laser projector, candy canes, and more. [Details]

Colonel Light Gardens Christmas Lights:

  • 40 Penang Avenue

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated. From Rudolph perched on top of our roof to our beautiful flamboyance of flamingos, and everything Christmas in between, our display is filled with colour, wonder and a little silliness. Our cheeky elves appear in the most unusual places every night and we love meeting and chatting with people. We simply love Christmas and adding a little magic and tiny bit of sparkle. [Details]

  • 14 Dorset Avenue

    Window Display,Christmas Statues. Reindeer, flashing lights snowman [Details]

Craigburn Farm Christmas Lights:

  • 4 Hayman Retreat

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Lots of flashing colour, inflatable Santa and reindeers with a wide front hours for a large area display. [Details]

Cumberland Park Christmas Lights:

Dulwich Christmas Lights:

  • 13 The Grove

    Interactive Display,Inflatables. Lights strung from house gutters to front fence. Lights hanging from roof. Lights on front fence and gate. Inflatable gingerbread man. [Details]

Eden Hills Christmas Lights:

  • 23 Chowilla Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Big yard so spread out display. Hanging lights, lots of fairy lights some rope light statues, so many reindeer and a light up train line! [Details]

  • 3 Hill Road

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Featuring a massive 4.2 meter Christmas tree, along with some standard christmas light essentials, the grinch, elf and olaf who are the feature of the display. The display is simple yet elegant and is well worth the drive by! [Details]

Edwardstown Christmas Lights:

Flagstaff Hill Christmas Lights:

  • 80 Glendale Avenue

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Christmas Statues. Santa and reindeer inflatables, lots of twinkling lights, a huge Xmas tree and much more [Details]

  • Manning Road

    Roof Decorated,Window Display. Aberfoyle Park Baptist Church [Details]

  • Balara Crescent Balara Crescent

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Our love for Christmas lights is growing, and so is our collection! Please feel free to drive on past and enjoy! 7.00-11.00pm, 1st-31st December. [Details]

Glengowrie Christmas Lights:

  • 102 Baker Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. So much to look at. [Details]

  • 100 Baker Street

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine. Baker Kappler Court Christmas Display!! [Details]

Glenside Christmas Lights:

  • 1 Pepperbox Court

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Colourful and exciting display, newly updated. Enjoy! xx [Details]

Goodwood Christmas Lights:

Hackham Christmas Lights:

  • 42 Harold Lea Way

    Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display. Great lights the palm tree is one of the main feature of our lighting display and also few new lights and decorations. [Details]

  • 9 Hurley Grove

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Just bringing the love of Christmas. Few in the area :) don't forget to get a photo with Elfie [Details]

  • 44 Harold Lea Way

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Christmas Statues. Bright and colourful [Details]

  • 61 Arnold Drive

    Inflatables. Flashing [Details]

  • 41 Mina Parade

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. This display is perfect for everyone! What makes it so special? It's all about the way the lights are set up, creating a magical atmosphere. Picture inflatables, a 'Merry Christmas' sign and lights adorning the roof, outside the house and the garden. Running until New Year’s Eve. [Details]

Hackham West Christmas Lights:

Hallett Cove Christmas Lights:

  • 15 South Avenue

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Fun and colourful [Details]

  • 23 Quinvale Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Lights all throughout garden, lights on poles, Santa, reindeer, candy canes, Christmas trees etc [Details]

  • 14 Parsee Court

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. Light on the roof and some meercats! We're always adding to our display [Details]

  • 6 Falcon Avenue

    Inflatables,Christmas Statues. Inflatables, light up figurines, flashing lights [Details]

  • 23 Albatross Walk

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated. 6000 Individually programmed and sequenced leds all home made. Mega tree, giant candy canes, moving arches and lots more [Details]

  • 244 The Cove Road

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. A very Christmassy decorated setup for all to love! Keep an eye out for the Grinch hiding in our windows or santa hanging from our roof. [Details]

  • 31 Columbia Crescent

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Whole front yard lit up! [Details]

  • 25 Fairhill Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. The roof is lit up like a Christmas tree! [Details]

Happy Valley Christmas Lights:

  • 36 Woodhall Drive

    Inflatables,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Many lights all around the front of house. Inflatable frosty and Santa. [Details]

Huntfield Heights Christmas Lights:

  • 29 Ashton Rise

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Just a display I mainly did for my kids but it's becoming a job that Dad tries his best. [Details]

  • 24 Auldstone Place

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Big display [Details]

Hyde Park Christmas Lights:

Kangarilla Christmas Lights:

  • 26 McLaren Flat Road

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Feel free to walk around but please do not touch. Be ware of solar panels. [Details]

Linden Park Christmas Lights:

Malvern Christmas Lights:

  • Malvern Avenue

    Roof Decorated,Window Display. A street lit with coloured and classic lights. Enter Malvern Ave from West Terrace. [Details]

McLaren Vale Christmas Lights:

  • 77 Valley View Drive

    Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. An assortment of different lights, bluey characters and Christmas decorations. [Details]

Mile End Christmas Lights:

  • 50 Roebuck Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Currently not finished (23/11/22) but more getting put up as the days go by! Christmas Eve, lights will stay on all night. [Details]

  • 1 Grey Street

    Nativity Scene,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Christmas Statues. none [Details]

Millswood Christmas Lights:

Mitchell Park Christmas Lights:

  • Lynton Avenue

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Nice and bright the kids loved it. [Details]

  • 58 Bradley Grove

    Music Played,Inflatables. House lights to bring cheer to the street. [Details]

  • 1 Kenmay Avenue

    Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Mostly coloured lights [Details]

  • 3 Kenmay Avenue

    Moving Features,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Icicle lights. fairy lights, rope light, window silhouettes, wall silhouettes, moving seesaw, moving reindeer family, Christmas trees, parcels, candy canes, laser show. [Details]

  • 29 Lynton Avenue

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display. Lots of lights and fun [Details]

  • McInerney Avenue

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. 3 houses together at the end of Lanark St, corner McInerney Ave. [Details]

  • Barkuna Avenue

    Roof Decorated. Lots of fairy and icicles [Details]

Morphett Vale Christmas Lights:

  • 67 Emmerson Drive

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. Emmerson Drive is making spirits bright this Christmas with a stunning array of lights. Pop down to explore the walk through display and grab a happy snap in the sleigh. A very merry Christmas indeed. [Details]

  • Simone Crescent

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Lights, music and different displays throughout the street [Details]

  • 6 Seeger Drive

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. The whole house is decorated with Christmas lights [Details]

  • 45 Karawi Parade

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Walk on foot and drive past and see thelights. [Details]

  • 21 Gertrude Street

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Come see bluey and the fam, the grinch, Rick and morty and heaps more! Heaps of things to see! [Details]

  • 89 Marston Drive

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated. Lots of colour [Details]

  • 14 Barbara Avenue

    Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Lights, inflatables [Details]

  • 8 Morris Street

    . A colourful bright, small/medium display. [Details]

  • 9 Inverness Avenue

    Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. 300m of light on the roof. A sleigh pulled by kangaroos. Rust art silhouettes [Details]

  • 14 Ipari Terrace

    Inflatables. Neat light display on Ipari Terrace [Details]

  • 3 Blaby Road

    . i love it [Details]

  • Reynold Street

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Very colourful [Details]

  • 2 Peter Crescent

    Inflatables,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Lots of wooden Christmas items a sit in sleigh with reindeers. Bon bons a frosty a 3d Christmas tree with presents massive candy canes and a heap of lights [Details]

  • 80 Marston Drive

    Inflatables,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Lights, inflatables, and more [Details]

Morphettville Christmas Lights:

  • 71 Chittleborough Circuit

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. Star Wars display. Bluey's family also. But, can you find Long Dog? [Details]

Myrtle Bank Christmas Lights:

  • 22 Rossington Avenue

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display. Over 20,000 globes and more than 15 cutouts that can be enjoyed during the day and night. We are know for our very Aussie themed display with a Christmas Shark, Whale and plenty of kangaroos! We also have some of the suburbs highest lights! [Details]

Netley Christmas Lights:

  • 3 Sabre Street

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. 50,000+ led lights , laser and projector lights . Lights are over roof , on house , lawned and garden areas . Sunday to Thursday nights 8.30pm to 11pm Friday and Saturday nights 8.30pm to 12am [Details]

  • Baroda Avenue

    Music Played,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine. A truly delightful display of lights synched to music in Netley. Enjoy the magic that modern technology brings to Christmas lights. Don't miss a show, click through to find out more. [Details]

  • 53 Baroda Avenue

    Inflatables. . [Details]

Noarlunga Downs Christmas Lights:

  • 23 McIlwaine Crescent

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. Roof lights, lots of tree light coverage and some small inflatables. [Details]

  • 22 McIlwaine Crescent

    Roof Decorated. Light Display [Details]

  • 31 Cascabel Way

    Moving Features,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Balcony decorated, icicle lights from gutters, Santa and reindeer on roof, lights on the hedge. [Details]

  • 39 Corrimal Avenue

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Lots of lights, blow ups and moving displays [Details]

  • Cascabel Way

    Inflatables,Christmas Statues. A few hundred meters of fairy lights, icicles, inflatables, and maybe if you’re lucky a grinch could be hiding in the bushes. [Details]

North Plympton Christmas Lights:

O'Halloran Hill Christmas Lights:

Oaklands Park Christmas Lights:

Old Noarlunga Christmas Lights:

  • 24 Patapinda Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display,Christmas Statues. A walk through experience with something exciting for each generation. Our display is made for all ages. [Details]

  • 18 Patapinda Road

    Christmas Statues. Large statues [Details]

Old Reynella Christmas Lights:

Onkaparinga Hills Christmas Lights:

  • 6 The Common

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Santa relaxing before the big night [Details]

  • 1 Vines Cross Crescent

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. It’s just a bit of fun! Come and say hi on Christmas Eve! That’s when the real magic happens and please vote for us in the Mix 102.3 Christmas Lights Competition! [Details]

Panorama Christmas Lights:

  • 15 Moriane Avenue

    Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Lots of lights, reindeers a touch of australia with a kangaroo and laser lights [Details]

Park Holme Christmas Lights:

  • 8 Bowaka Street

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Something different, some kids just never want to leave the Santa Sleigh. Love to see people happy! [Details]

  • 50 Tiparra Avenue

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Somewhere over the rainbow, actually I think this Park Holme residence might be a part of the rainbow. There's no way you could be unhappy exploring this "mega display" featuring thousands of colourful lights covering everything from the lawn to the roof. [Details]

Port Noarlunga Christmas Lights:

Reynella Christmas Lights:

  • 28 Lucas Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Come see the grinch and a 6 foot yoshi and lots more. Also have snow machine. Photos welcome [Details]

  • 7 Quambi Court

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Kangaroo, Grinch and father Xmas singing.. many tree lights teardrop snowmen bbq Santa inflatables [Details]

  • 8 Parsons Road

    Inflatables,Christmas Statues. Homemade wooden Christmas characters, inflatables and lights [Details]

Richmond Christmas Lights:

  • Frederick Street

    Inflatables. Little loght displays around the street [Details]

  • 9 Kinnaird Avenue

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. We do if for the community to spread the Xmas joy [Details]

  • Richmond Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Lots of variety of Xmas figures and lights add the glam . [Details]

Saint Marys Christmas Lights:

Seacliff Park Christmas Lights:

  • 9 Gilbertson Road

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated. Red, white and green theme. Very tasteful and very well planed and executed. One of my favourites each year. [Details]

Seacombe Gardens Christmas Lights:

  • 1 Reid Street

    Nativity Scene,Window Display. Modest display with custom hand made and electronic features. [Details]

Seaview Downs Christmas Lights:

  • 35 Mitchell Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Good display [Details]

Sheidow Park Christmas Lights:

  • 79 Nari Drive

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections. Immerse yourself in a sea of lights and festive cheer at this dazzling Christmas display in Adelaide, featuring a large blow-up Santa. Take a stroll up the driveway of this large showcase and view the brilliance of lights adorning the garden, trees and eaves, with all donations supporting the Women's and Children's Hospital. [Details]

  • 1 Bremer Court

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Light and inflatables with Santa coming out different nights [Details]

  • 32 Steamranger Drive

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections. Our house lights up our whole street! With multiple features such as some lights to music, inflatables and we’ve even brought in a snow machine this year, so many lights that you can see it from a mile away. This is done by Callum along with his dad Mark. We’ve been doing our lights for over 10 years and our display gets bigger and bigger each year! We love Christmas! [Details]

  • 4 Westall Court

    Inflatables,Walk In Display,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Covers our whole front yard. You can walk up our driveway for a better look. [Details]

  • 9 Elura Court

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Christmas magic is happening in Elura Court. This display has the works, find some of your favourite Australian natives, the Chritsmas classics and of course Santa. Can you count how many there are? [Details]

  • 43 Rees Street

    Moving Features,Roof Decorated. Very bright and colourful [Details]

  • 42 Edward Beck Drive

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Great mixture of Christmas decorations and lights [Details]

  • 37 Great Eastern Avenue

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Nice lights [Details]

  • 41 Alia Drive

    Inflatables,Christmas Statues. Lights and a giant magpie [Details]

Somerton Park Christmas Lights:

South Plympton Christmas Lights:

  • 119 Raglan Avenue

    Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Roof display with magical touches. [Details]

St Marys Christmas Lights:

Sturt Christmas Lights:

Torrensville Christmas Lights:

  • 1A Frasten Street

    Music Played,Nativity Scene,Lasers/ Projections. All colours of Christmas lights and 2 Christmas trees light up 3 colour changing Character stake lights And Christmas music (when at home) [Details]

Trott Park Christmas Lights:

Warradale Christmas Lights:

  • 30 Gardiner Avenue

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. "Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them". Take a trip to another galaxy (Warradale) and explore a new planet (Gardiner Ave). There is just so much to discover here so I will wish you good luck and may the force be with you. [Details]

  • 54 Lascelles Avenue

    Window Display,Christmas Statues. Small colourful lighting show [Details]

Wayville Christmas Lights:

Woodcroft Christmas Lights:

  • 14 Steve Lane

    Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. Lights display- plus, bingo and bluey and friends [Details]

  • 9 Rothschild Street

    Music Played,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Synchronised To Music,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Christmas Statues. There must be magic in the air, a Christmas castle has appeared in Woodcroft. With toy soldiers guarding the door, elves, lights synched to music and so much more to discover. One to take the family to, but maybe not your evil step sisters! [Details]

  • 28 Rothschild Street

    Music Played,Synchronised To Music. Bright Lights synced to some favourites Tune in to 94.5FM [Details]

  • 31 Epsilon Close

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. A range of lights, inflatables, lights on the roof and a Santa’s Mailbox. [Details]

  • 62 Dorrien Avenue

    Licenced Characters. Cute setup of various lights with a touch of Bluey [Details]

  • 24 Talladira Way

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. We are adding each year and we hope to add more interactive things and music . Watch this place !!! [Details]

  • 3 Keith Court

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. We have a laser pointing in the driveway, lights covering the roof and gardens, and inflatables all over the front yard on the lawn [Details]

  • Dorrien Avenue

    Inflatables,Christmas Statues. Many houses on street decorated. Winners of best street in 2021 [Details]

  • 4 Jagger Crescent

    Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections. Xmas lights with projected animations [Details]

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