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Albany Creek Christmas Lights:

  • 10 Longreef Court

    Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Multi level bright led light display [Details]

Algester Christmas Lights:

  • 32 Cordia Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Lots of lights in a design to complement the structure of the house, inflatables and a 6m Santa and 5m reindeer that cant be missed [Details]

Bald Hills Christmas Lights:

  • 6 Topham Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections. It's snowing in Topham Street this Christmas, rest assured this is mechanical snow and not global warming gone mad. Come and experience a self proclaimed "Disney stage production... in suburban Brisbane.". A true treat for the whole family to enjoy. [Details]

  • Paladin Place

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music. We have smartphones, some have smart cars but I just don’t think you're ready for what this Paladin Place residence has to offer. Experience this music synched display and while you're there simply scan a QR code to get your name in lights, which might be the closest to broadway any of us are ever going to get. Be smart, go to Bald Hills. [Details]

Beenleigh Christmas Lights:

  • 67 Lehmans Road

    Roof Decorated,Walk In Display. Step into a winter wonderland in this large display filled with joy and festive spirit! You can't miss the spectacular roof decorations and a walk-in displays that promise to dazzle. The property is spreading Christmas cheer until Christmas Eve and they love it so much that it took them over a month to set up! [Details]

Boondall Christmas Lights:

  • 86 College Way

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Synchronised To Music,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Turn yourself into the Christmas angel you were always meant to be in Boondall this year with angel wing lights ready for your close up. Alongside the perfect selfie you will discover over 15,000 lights synchronised to music, 4 signing gnomes and a partridge in a pear tree, oops no that's wrong there's no partridge here. A truly magical display that is worth the stop in. [Details]

Bracken Ridge Christmas Lights:

  • 12 Pirramurra Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Animated lighting display covering the whole two-story house and roof with two 2.5m mega trees synchronised to 7 songs playing continually. [Details]

Calamvale Christmas Lights:

  • 211 Benhiam Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Step into a festive wonderland at this medium-sized Christmas lights display. As you approach, you'll be enchanted by the twinkling lights synchronized to a joyful array of holiday tunes. The display comes alive with moving features and inflatables that dance and sway to the rhythm of the music. The spectacle continues as the roofs are adorned with a creative assortment of decorations, creating a magical landscape. The atmosphere is elevated by the vibrant lasers and projections that sweep across the surroundings, dazzling spectators. Throughout the scene, [Details]

Capalaba Christmas Lights:

  • 27 Greenfield Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Is there such a thing as too many lights? We don't think so and neither do the residents at this Capalaba home. With around 130,000 lights set up for the Christmas period with moving heads, lasers, smoke machine and more. Owners say it's "nothing you have seen before". [Details]

Carina Christmas Lights:

  • 242 Stanley Road

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display. Our favourite displays are the ones you can walk through with lots of things to discover and explore. Take a stroll through this Stanley Road residence and see what you can find. A very interactive display, perfect at Christmas time. [Details]

Coopers Plains Christmas Lights:

  • 10 Keeling Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Everybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright, but have you heard about Keeling Street? With stunning lights covering this display along with inflatables and a perfect spot to take photos in Santa's sleigh. [Details]

Daisy Hill Christmas Lights:

  • 9 Farr Court

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Licenced Characters. Have you been Naughty or Nice? Pick a side ???? [Details]

Eagleby Christmas Lights:

  • 3 Dion Drive

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections. Sparkles & Joy is what we are after [Details]

Edens Landing Christmas Lights:

  • 11 Lucy Drive

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Experience the magic of this tastefully presented Christmas light display in Brisbane! From the charming 'Merry Christmas' sign to the radiant light statues and a heartwarming nativity scene with baby Jesus, it’s truly bright. Don't miss the chance to stroll up the drive for an up-close view! The display is celebrating 15 years of annual festivities, but hurry, as it concludes on December 28. [Details]

Ferny Hills Christmas Lights:

  • Larwood Place

    Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections. Get ready for a two-story extravaganza featuring inflatables, a nativity scene, dazzling rope lights and eye-catching LED lasers—it's a feast for the eyes! Whether you stroll by or cruise in your car, everything is perfectly visible from the road, making it a fantastic experience for all. Hurry, the magic continues until January 6, so don't miss out on this vibrant display! [Details]

Forest Lake Christmas Lights:

  • 55 Brushwood Circuit

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Christmas Statues. Santa will be arriving to take photos with visitors and we also have a snowmachine running Friday Saturday and Sunday nights. [Details]

  • 10 Cheltenham Place

    Music Played,Synchronised To Music. UPDATE: Due to the daily occurrence of severe storms and damage, we will be ending the display early this year. Sorry. The repeating show is approximately 10 mins long. Tune your car radio to 88.7 FM before you leave so that you can start the experience by listening to the audio as you approach. [Details]

Grange Christmas Lights:

  • 48 Daisy Street

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display,Licenced Characters. Can you spot some of our native friends at this residence? How about Olaf on the roof? There is so much to explore at this walk in display in Daisy Street including a quaint Christmas village in one of the windows. Not one to miss! [Details]

Greenbank Christmas Lights:

  • 37 Bignell Circuit

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. It's bright with lots of things to see from the pop up santa out the tree, chasing the laser lights along the driveway of watching the snow fall from the Christmas lantern [Details]

Heathwood Christmas Lights:

  • Rise Place

    Music Played,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Large walk through , over 40000 lights [Details]

Jimboomba Christmas Lights:

  • 119-121 Myrtle Road

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Licenced Characters. Synchronised to music on 91.3 FM [Details]

Karalee Christmas Lights:

  • 39 Louisa Place

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Licenced Characters. Enter a magical Frozen-themed wonderland crafted from recycled timber, hand-painted for a touch of class. Join Disney fans for an interactive walk-through display on Fri/Sat nights, featuring Elsa, Olaf and mini helper Kristoff. Encounter Frozen inflatables, including a 3.5-metre Olaf and a 7-metre high Christmas tree — all while supporting Lisa's Lunches! [Details]

Kuraby Christmas Lights:

  • 9 Paloma Place

    Music Played,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. Full house decorated with lights and singing santa [Details]

Logan Central Christmas Lights:

  • 128 Jacaranda Avenue

    Music Played,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. A combination of traditional with modern audio visuals. [Details]

Logan Village Christmas Lights:

  • 44-48 Pioneer Drive

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. 8 full size Boats, a 4m Christmas Tree, 5m Santa, a sleigh and reindeer All on 96m of road frontage [Details]

Marsden Christmas Lights:

  • 23 Homestead Street

    Inflatables. With over 30,000 lights from left to right up and down, 100% of the front yard covered from the front fence to the house and beyond (over 3 metres high). We love to bring the holiday joy to the neighbourhood and love the reactions we get. [Details]

Mitchelton Christmas Lights:

  • 25 Essex Street

    Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine. Lots of love and hard work has gone into our display we hope all of Brisbane can enjoy it [Details]

Mount Cotton Christmas Lights:

  • 16 Elkhorn Street

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display. ‘Merry Elkhorn Christmas’ An interactive displays featuring over 180,000 lights. Children’s can enjoy a ride in the full sized sleigh, take pictures in the minion cut outs and change the colour of their very own fairy wings. Lots of fun for kids of all ages. [Details]

Mount Warren Park Christmas Lights:

  • 11 Lane Court

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections. Synchronised lights to music. Sequence of six tunes ranging from Aussie Jingle Bells for the kids, Michael Buble for the mums and a little bit of jazz We also have Santa Snow to amuse the kids!!! [Details]

Northgate Christmas Lights:

  • 33 Parker Avenue

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. Northgate loves their lights and they have gone all out to bring you the most fun this Christmas. Check out this modern display of lights synchronised to music. You may recognise this residence if you went trick or treating around Halloween. But never fear, only Santa will be visiting here. [Details]

Ormiston Christmas Lights:

  • 6 Bainbridge Street

    Nativity Scene,Walk In Display,Licenced Characters. Hundreds of toys arranged under twinkling lights. Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Bluey, Wreckit Ralph etc etc. [Details]

Redcliffe Christmas Lights:

Redland Bay Christmas Lights:

  • 4 Dory Close

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections. 10 out of 11 house lit in the street Snow and bubble machines on And live Christmas carols on Christmas Eve 7:30-8:30 [Details]

Runcorn Christmas Lights:

  • 26 Calliope Street

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. Have you ever wondered what people (or elves) in the North Pole do to stay entertained? Come and take a sneak peak at a polar bear and penguin cabaret. There are plenty of decorated trees, nativity scenes and lights adorning roofs, trees and walls. [Details]

Sandgate Christmas Lights:

  • 78 Rainbow Street

    Interactive Display,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. Giant Shark (Bruce) set in fireplace of massive chimney surrounded by CD Christmas Tree, Huge Snow Man and more... [Details]

Shailer Park Christmas Lights:

  • 3 Hailar Street

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Walk In Display. Enjoy walking through Santa's Secret Stop with lots of different lights, motifs and blowups to explore. Count the reindeer and have your small children sit in the sleigh for a photo opportunity. [Details]

Sinnamon Park Christmas Lights:

  • 71 McPherson Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Get ready for a real treat — this massive display is a true spectacle, glowing with the brilliance of 100,000 LED Christmas lights! Picture a 12-metre river adorned with 6,000 LEDs showcasing Australian sea and land animals, and a dazzling 1,000 LED star that sparkles, visible from a whopping 5km away! To add to the magic, the house boasts smoke machines and seven beautifully lit palm trees. [Details]

Stafford Christmas Lights:

  • 27 Minimine Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections. Stafford is bringing out the inflatable goods this Christmas time. Every year this display just gets bigger. This year explore a new floral light garden and a 6m digital Christmas tree. You'll find something new everywhere you look. [Details]

Thornlands Christmas Lights:

  • 45 Thornlands Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Christmas Lights! [Details]

  • 19 Ziegenfusz Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display. Drove past and immediately catches your eye with lights everywhere, you can see a lot of love and time has gone into this setup. Owner was so friendly and invited us in to walk around and check it out. Smoke and bubble machine in the entrance really topped it off. Kids loved it and did not want to leave [Details]

  • 45A Thornlands Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Lights over the entire front of our house, yard and roof [Details]

Toowong Christmas Lights:

Undullah Christmas Lights:

  • 25 Trailblazer Drive

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Colourful display with inflatables, music and projections. Actual address is 25 Trailblazer Drive Flagstone 4280 [Details]

Upper Mount Gravatt Christmas Lights:

  • 101 Kempsie Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. There is so much to see and explore at this residence in Kempsie Road. Discover Santa's workshop, the Grinch, some Aussie animals and so much more you could be there all night discovering them! [Details]

Victoria Point Christmas Lights:

  • 39 Whipbird Circuit

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Licenced Characters. Another fantastic display of technology at this synchronised lights display. Head over to Victoria Point for a boogie with the whole family or by yourself, there's no judgement here only Christmas spirit. [Details]

Wavell Heights Christmas Lights:

  • 36 Sugarloaf Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Synchronised To Music,Window Display. Totally Awesome, kid friendly interactive display. 3 houses with synchronised lights and music display. Also models of actual houses with synchronised music/light display in display. [Details]

Wynnum West Christmas Lights:

  • 19 Nemarra Street

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. When I say there is a giant Santa here, I really do mean this Santa could reach up and pull this sleigh right out of the sky. There are hundreds of thousands of lights adorning the face of this Wynnum West residence alongside a snow machine, lasers, a 9am tree and much much more. [Details]

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