There are many great Christmas Light displays across Brisbane's Eastern Suburbs!

Scroll through the list of the best displays in East Brisbane below! Select the locations you'd like to explore to find out more details, including photos and videos.

You can favourite the ones you wish to visit so you can make your own Brisbane East Christmas Light driving list!

Then grab the family or some friends, pop on some Christmas outfits and enjoy your very own Christmas Lights Trail, perfect to make some long lasting memories!

Alexandra Hills Christmas Lights:

Capalaba Christmas Lights:

  • 28 Gundagai Drive

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Christmas Statues. House decked with lights from roof to garden. Moving displays and large inflatables. Also a couple of other houses in street worth a look. [Details]

  • 27 Greenfield Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Is there such a thing as too many lights? We don't think so and neither do the residents at this Capalaba home. With around 130,000 lights set up for the Christmas period with moving heads, lasers, smoke machine and more. Owners say it's "nothing you have seen before". [Details]

  • 28 Greenup Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Best yet [Details]

  • 10 Mitchell Street

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Lots of inflatables , lots of light strings , roof nets [Details]

  • 10 Coolnwynpin Way

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Something to make people smile [Details]

Carina Christmas Lights:

  • 242 Stanley Road

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display. Our favourite displays are the ones you can walk through with lots of things to discover and explore. Take a stroll through this Stanley Road residence and see what you can find. A very interactive display, perfect at Christmas time. [Details]

Carina Heights Christmas Lights:

Carindale Christmas Lights:

  • 76 Cadogan Street

    Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. Nativity theme [Details]

  • 3 Linwood Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Snow machine & candy canes [Details]

Hawthorne Christmas Lights:

Holland Park West Christmas Lights:

Manly West Christmas Lights:

  • 80 Talwong Street

    Nativity Scene,Christmas Statues. display spans over half of the house, from the driveway to the left side of the house. the display is rather dense filled with lights, statues, and ‘diy-ed’ parts including the “merry xmas” sign which took days to complete [Details]

  • 6 Lewis Place

    . Basic display across 2 homes, but I guess worth a visit for those driving around the wynnum area [Details]

Mansfield Christmas Lights:

  • 12 Picardie Close

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated. small display [Details]

  • 8 Coolmunda Street

    Inflatables,Window Display. We have a selection of lights and displays and a couple of inflatables. We also have other in the street that do lights as well [Details]

  • Linfield Street

    Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Really expansive display. Great display by the neighbours as well!! [Details]

Murarrie Christmas Lights:

Ormiston Christmas Lights:

  • 6 Bainbridge Street

    Nativity Scene,Walk In Display,Licenced Characters. Hundreds of toys arranged under twinkling lights. Buzz Lightyear, Mickey Mouse, Bluey, Wreckit Ralph etc etc. [Details]

Rochedale South Christmas Lights:

  • 493 Underwood Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Lots of lights everywhere you look [Details]

  • 34 Narelle Crescent

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections. Fun, organised, plenty of lights! [Details]

  • 8 Rothon Drive

    Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated. Lots of lights and fun for Christmas Celebrations [Details]

  • 836 Rochedale Road

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. We have a walk in display with a canopy and fun inflatables with a mix of characters. It is very Merry and Bright! [Details]

Thornlands Christmas Lights:

  • 45 Thornlands Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Christmas Lights! [Details]

  • 19 Ziegenfusz Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display. Drove past and immediately catches your eye with lights everywhere, you can see a lot of love and time has gone into this setup. Owner was so friendly and invited us in to walk around and check it out. Smoke and bubble machine in the entrance really topped it off. Kids loved it and did not want to leave [Details]

  • 18 Rosemary Street

    . Animated RGB lights [Details]

  • 45A Thornlands Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Lights over the entire front of our house, yard and roof [Details]

  • Sauvignon Court

    Inflatables. A multitude of light styles combine to illuminate the street, with 3 houses participating in a row, you will see some lovely gutter displays, a fully lit tree, inflatable animals and illuminated hedges. [Details]

Tingalpa Christmas Lights:

  • 55 Annette Street

    Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Fairly simple, pretty lights display and always something a bit humorous [Details]

  • 5 Isobel Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. many lights, large Santa, visually great, roof and complete side of house. [Details]

Upper Mount Gravatt Christmas Lights:

  • 101 Kempsie Road

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. There is so much to see and explore at this residence in Kempsie Road. Discover Santa's workshop, the Grinch, some Aussie animals and so much more you could be there all night discovering them! [Details]

  • 31 Lindwall Street

    Music Played,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Please come stop and chat. [Details]

  • 74 Lindwall Street

    Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. It brings the Outback to the city [Details]

Wellington Point Christmas Lights:

  • 41 Bayview Street

    Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. 4 sections - nativity, santa, aussie xmas and snowmen [Details]

Wishart Christmas Lights:

Wynnum Christmas Lights:

  • 127 Picton Parade

    Music Played,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Corner hedge all lit up and the full suite of reindeers on roof on Picton Parade side and bright lights and walk in display on Grattan Terrace side [Details]

Wynnum West Christmas Lights:

  • 19 Nemarra Street

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. When I say there is a giant Santa here, I really do mean this Santa could reach up and pull this sleigh right out of the sky. There are hundreds of thousands of lights adorning the face of this Wynnum West residence alongside a snow machine, lasers, a 9am tree and much much more. [Details]

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