There are many great Christmas Light displays across Sydney's Western Suburbs!

Scroll through the list of the best displays in Sydney's West below! Select the locations you'd like to explore to find out more details, including photos and videos.

You can favourite the ones you wish to visit so you can make your own West Sydney Christmas Light driving list!

Then grab the family or some friends, pop on some Christmas outfits and enjoy your very own Christmas Lights Trail, perfect to make some long lasting memories!

Auburn Christmas Lights:

  • 54A Graham Street

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Lasers/ Projections. The display is a battle axe property, but has extensive Christmas lights across the front of the property, reindeers, nativity with wise men, Christmas trees and more [Details]

  • 2 Wellington Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Lights line the entryway, laser and projector lights around the house, with reindeers and an elf see saw on the front yard, also with inflatables (Santa and Rudolph) [Details]

Bankstown Christmas Lights:

  • 28 Hixson Street

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Explore this Christmas dreamland in Bankstown. With lights and decorations adorning almost every wall you definitely won't run out of things to look at and explore. Not one to miss, add it to your list. [Details]

Bardwell Park Christmas Lights:

  • 95 Slade Road

    Inflatables,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Over 10,000 lights. Lit up Christmas trees with presents. Can you find Santa hanging off the roof? [Details]

Belfield Christmas Lights:

Belmore Christmas Lights:

Bexley Christmas Lights:

  • 13 Dunmore Street North

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Get ready for a dazzling corner-block display that's bright, colourful and totally captivating! Picture the lights artfully arranged around a charming home, giving off vibes of an old English or German Christmas setting. The coolest part? This display has been growing year by year and is now showcasing its most striking Christmas light spectacle yet. Plus, it's all for a fantastic cause, supporting the Lights for Kids appeal at the Sydney Children’s Hospital. [Details]

  • 40 Preddys Road

    Inflatables,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Lots of lights , giant Santa, penguin, Xmas tree, candy canes , trees gutters roof walls etc [Details]

  • 61 Stoney Creek Road

    Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Big tree and lots of display from the front of the house, side and back [Details]

Birchgrove Christmas Lights:

  • 48 Cameron Street

    Nativity Scene,Lasers/ Projections. Impressive display on a small house front. Thematic display focusing on the Nativity, Angels and stars. Car decorated with solar lights. [Details]

Burwood Christmas Lights:

  • 10 Sunbeam Avenue

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Lovely garden, fence and roof displays to make people smile!! [Details]

Cabarita Christmas Lights:

  • Bishop Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Synchronised To Music,Lasers/ Projections. Street footpath is accessible to view the multiple house displays through the street. One house on the corner of Bishop and Elphinstone street has music synced to their lights. [Details]

  • 18 Bishop Street

    Music Played,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. Display consists of many lights sequenced to music, both Christmas songs and modern music [Details]

Canley Vale Christmas Lights:

Canterbury Christmas Lights:

  • 8 Clisdell Avenue

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. 2 story house covered in lights, characters, inflatables (including a giant one) and a candy cane fence! [Details]

Chester Hill Christmas Lights:

Condell Park Christmas Lights:

  • 18 Fifth Avenue

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. Santa has taken over the car parking space at this Condell Park home. Wander down to Fifth Avenue and check out the moving features, nativity scene and inflatable characters. [Details]

Croydon Park Christmas Lights:

Earlwood Christmas Lights:

Eastwood Christmas Lights:

  • 14A Darvall Road

    Lasers/ Projections. Using Twinkly, the entire house and garden is pixel mapped with changing colours and patterns which use the entire area like a giant canvas. I am hoping to re-introduce interactivity with this display later this month, if not next year for 2024! [Details]

Elizabeth Hills Christmas Lights:

  • 3 Wylde Close

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. From lights to gutters, windows, and all over, our house sparkles with bright colourful lights [Details]

  • 30 Sherrard Avenue

    Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Amazing Christmas Lights Display. [Details]

Ermington Christmas Lights:

  • 16 Dennis Street

    Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Hogwarts Express, trees, Nativity with several light up statues and inflatables including new Harry Potter inflatables this year [Details]

Gladesville Christmas Lights:

  • 18 Cowell Street

    Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Lights on eves, verandas and trees and a scene on the lawn. [Details]

  • 12 Westminster Road

    Roof Decorated,Window Display. This is the first year that we have put proper Christmas lights on the house. We have started small with just outlines and a few animations and sequences. We will build on this next year. There are sequences to music but we only put the music on occasionally. [Details]

Glebe Christmas Lights:

Greenacre Christmas Lights:

  • Hillcrest Avenue

    Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Santa Sleigh, Reindeers and our dangly lights. [Details]

  • 9 Marina Crescent

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. Massive hand made nativity scene, giant home made tree, trees that kids can put ornaments on and more [Details]

  • 5 Melaleuca Grove

    Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections. Inflatables Lights Projectors LED Candy canes, snowflakes [Details]

Greystanes Christmas Lights:

  • 10 Eldridge Road

    Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues. . [Details]

  • 72 Cumberland Road

    Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Window Display. 2 story house front only no walk in. [Details]

  • 24 Kootingal Street

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. The house decorating started in 1995 when I painted a Santa and displayed it at the front of the house. This was the start of an addiction adding more lights and decorations over the many years. I'm located in a quiet street - just two streets away from the main street that gets lots of hype for their Christmas lights. While you're there... come visit me!!! [Details]

  • 25 Ringrose Avenue

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Christmas Statues. Follow the Christmas Star to Greystanes this Christmas (hopefully it won't take you 12 days to get there). "Every year our display tells a different story", says the owner. Featuring a roof display, statues and a walk through display. [Details]

  • 143 Old Prospect Road

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated. Alot of lights displayed all over the house and yard. Also with some large inflatables [Details]

Guildford Christmas Lights:

  • 2A Ashby Street

    Music Played,Inflatables,Walk In Display. A giant inflatable Christmas gnome, two giant baubles, lights, lollies and music. [Details]

  • Strickland Road

    Roof Decorated,Window Display. Coloured flashing lights, many set pieces, some are solar so stay on all night to make viewing easier [Details]

  • 16 Allison Road

    Nativity Scene,Walk In Display,Window Display,Christmas Statues. The children's love it and it is my pleasure to put a smile on people's face [Details]

Horningsea Park Christmas Lights:

  • 14 Bimberi Street

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Roof Decorated,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Vibrant, colourful lights, shooting star, reindeer & Christmas tree [Details]

Hunters Hill Christmas Lights:

  • 55 Milling Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. The countdown to Christmas is officially on. This year is our inaugural where we are collecting donations towards the Lights of Kids charity. The funds we raise will support SCHF’s Christmas Appeal and go directly to the frontline of children’s healthcare - from the hospital wards to the treatment rooms, the research labs to the outreach programs. Come by on the 2nd of December to see the magic unfold. Enjoy the lights, inflatables From 7:30pm 2/12 till Mid January. Nightly from 7:30 till 9pm, Christmas cheer will be spread with music. Also get a photo with your family and friends amongst the display. Milling [Details]

Kingsgrove Christmas Lights:

Lane Cove Christmas Lights:

Lidcombe Christmas Lights:

  • 141 Joseph Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music,Lasers/ Projections. Fully synced with music, 25000 fully programmed pixel lights. Best viewed from the opposite side of the street. Best display you'll see! [Details]

Marrickville Christmas Lights:

  • 26 Premier Street

    Music Played,Interactive Display,Synchronised To Music,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Light display programmed to music, activated by various push buttons for the public to press. Songs: Dance The Night, Dua Lipa Let it Snow, Dean Martin You Make it Feel Like Christmas, Gwen Stefani ft. Blake Shelton What Christmas Means to Me, CeeLo Green [Details]

Mays Hill Christmas Lights:

  • 3 Rees Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Christmas Statues. Christmas on Rees St An interactive Christmas art market with kids activities, handmade goods and artwork, Christmas lights and display, treats, drinks and more ! [Details]

Merrylands Christmas Lights:

  • 1 Park Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. We have 2 large Christmas trees , inflatables, window displays and so many lights to look at with music in the background. [Details]

  • Earl Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Christmas Statues. It's very beautiful you need to see it words can not express [Details]

  • 1B Park Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Window Display,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. We wish all have a beautiful Merry Christmas. [Details]

  • 7 Daphne Street

    Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Nice cul-de-sac street that is lit up by one well lit house. [Details]

Milperra Christmas Lights:

  • 15 Whittle Avenue

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Single Story House, with many colourful lights, inflatables, and a lazer projected on the front lawn! Music! Check out the large inflatable Christmas Dragon! [Details]

Mortdale Christmas Lights:

  • Kemp Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display. Large and bright display featuring large inflatable Santa, Snowman, snowing lamp post , 5 metre white light Christmas tree and many more. Christmas lights will be on longer the week leading up to Christmas. There will also be Christmas carols playing. [Details]

Narwee Christmas Lights:

Newtown Christmas Lights:

North Rocks Christmas Lights:

  • Panaview Crescent

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Look out for the Grinch, Frosty, Scrooge, The island of misfit toys, snow miser and heat miser and of course Jesus in a manger. Santa even makes an appearance as does a few Star Wars characters.?????????? [Details]

Northmead Christmas Lights:

  • 46 Grasmere Avenue

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Awesome display to raise money for Kids with Cancer [Details]

Oatlands Christmas Lights:

Padstow Christmas Lights:

  • 79 Virginius Street

    Inflatables,Christmas Statues. Lots and lots of lights! In all shapes, sizes and colour!! [Details]

  • 26 Chamberlain Road

    Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections. Candy Cain lollipops along the front fence , 5ft inflatable reindeer, inflatable gingerbread family , hot air balloon waving snow man on a sleigh . Bow on front door with Christmas trees [Details]

Padstow Heights Christmas Lights:

  • 11 Carter Crescent

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Window Display,Christmas Statues. Moving reindeers and lots of flashing lights. We've added a few extra lights this year . [Details]

  • 6 Carter Crescent

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. We know what Christmas houses look like on the outside but have you ever wondered what they look like on the inside! Curb that inquisitive brain and get the chance to walk through this Padstow Heights home and immerse yourself into the Christmas spirit. [Details]

  • 81 Chamberlain Road

    Moving Features,Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. “Ho ho ho, Merry Christmas” are the words that immediately come to mind when taking in this display. With plenty of brilliant lights to see and a giant inflatable Santa waving to you as you drive down the Chamberlain Road. [Details]

Panania Christmas Lights:

  • 2 Henderson Avenue

    . 2 Metre tall snowman and little light up train. [Details]

  • 101 Picnic Point Road

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Small light display to celebrate the best time of the year. [Details]

  • 71 Carson Street

    Interactive Display,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. Our display is a burst of light. It is a magical display for all to enjoy. [Details]

Peakhurst Christmas Lights:

  • 7 Todd Crescent

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Inflatables,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. All houses in the street are decorated [Details]

  • Todd Crescent

    Music Played,Moving Features,Inflatables,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Led lights, 5ft Santa & much more [Details]

Punchbowl Christmas Lights:

Revesby Christmas Lights:

Revesby Heights Christmas Lights:

Riverview Christmas Lights:

  • 33 Yallambee Road

    . 85% electric as of this year. We justify buying more lights because it's still carbon neutral (probably) [Details]

Riverwood Christmas Lights:

  • 10 Hardy Avenue

    Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. small to meduim display with extras being added as we go . we have a few inflatables , some light up reindeer and lots of lights [Details]

  • Cairns Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Window Display. unit block opposite Riverwood plaza . many of the units have come together to create one display [Details]

  • 7 Webb Street

    Moving Features,Inflatables,Lasers/ Projections,Licenced Characters. Looks like the units have come together for one display . Looks good . [Details]

Roselands Christmas Lights:

  • 17 Ewen Street

    Inflatables,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections. Just lights where I can easily place them as I usually do it on my own, although the kids are now starting to help [Details]

  • 60 Payten Avenue

    Music Played,Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Christmas Statues. This is a huge 3 storey house covered in decorations/ lights from top to bottom. [Details]

  • 124 Karne Street North

    Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Large display with thousands of lights, loads of different Characters, a kangaroo, koala and a wombat. [Details]

Rozelle Christmas Lights:

  • 37 Lilyfield Road

    Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Now in our 18th year, come and see one of the largest Xmas displays around. Over 4 levels of lights and huge LED figures - including snowmen, Santas, reindeer, polar bear, angels and giant teddy bears. In Rozelle - only 5 mins from the CBD - at Victoria Rd end of Lilyfield Rd - also easily visible eastbound on the City West Link (as you approach the intersection at the Crescent) . [Details]

Rydalmere Christmas Lights:

  • 6 Finch Avenue

    Inflatables,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues. Come enjoy the lights of our house and others in the street! [Details]

  • Pine Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Window Display,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. The whole street engages in light displays. From talking reindeer’s to massive murals and even a real life Santa, Pine Street is always a local favourite. [Details]

Strathfield Christmas Lights:

  • 139 Homebush Road

    Nativity Scene,Window Display,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. Decorated the house from top to bottom with various different types of lights and covered the front lawn and trees. [Details]

Sydenham Christmas Lights:

  • 8 Frederick Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Roof Decorated,Synchronised To Music,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. 1000's of lights spread across the front of the house and up over the roof. We have 8 Reindeers, an Elf as well as a dash hound. A Christmas tree and programmable light displays that change every so often [Details]

Tempe Christmas Lights:

  • 7 South Street

    Music Played,Moving Features,Interactive Display,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Bubble/ Smoke/ Snow Machine,Lasers/ Projections,Christmas Statues,Licenced Characters. If anyone *ahem* Santa wanted to give me a house for Christmas then this is how I would want it to be wrapped. There is so much to see and do at this display including sitting in Santa's chair, dancing in the snow and spotting Santa landing on the roof. [Details]

West Hoxton Christmas Lights:

Yagoona Christmas Lights:

  • 325 Marion Street

    Moving Features,Nativity Scene,Roof Decorated,Walk In Display,Christmas Statues. A beautiful display of traditional Christmas lights [Details]

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