Where to see the BEST Christmas Lights in Sydney!
Where to see the BEST Christmas Lights in Sydney!

Few things compare to the enchanting allure of extravagant Christmas Light Displays, and Sydney offers an abundance of choices that are bound to leave you in awe.


Whether you're planning a festive outing with family, friends or even just yourself, we have you covered with our Top 10 list of Christmas Lights around the city.


This list of the best Christmas Light Displays in Sydney 2023 feature houses from suburbs all across the city, so if you find yourself asking, ‘Where is the best display of Christmas lights in Sydney,’ there’s bound to be something near you.


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Hixson Street



This large corner-block display, features a full nativity scene that captures the true spirit of the season. Running annually for over 20 years, this enchanting spectacle lights up the night until 1am, lining the front fence, house façade and garden displays.



All fundraising this year supports the SCHF Lights For Kids and the residents take joy in meeting new faces each year while creating unforgettable moments for the kids who visit. More details


Saint Clair
Palena Crescent



Many residents on this street decorate their houses, turning it into a festive wonderland. One house in particular sparkles from 8pm to 11pm and includes a walk-in display featuring music, moving features and a creatively decorated roof.



Don't miss the chance to get up close to the dazzling canopy of LED lights and explore the entire house transformed into a mesmerising display, complete with a giant snowman!. More details



South Street



This massive display is an annual tradition that has been running for about a decade as the owners love to bring joy and smiles to people’s faces.



This season, they are fundraising for BeyondBlue and offering photo-perfect moments with a Santa chair and enchanting displays. Kids can delight in the snow and bubble machine, too, adding a touch of magic starting on December 16. More details


North Richmond
Monti Place


This enormous display on Monti Place boasts lights synchronised to classic Christmas songs in a rainbow of colours. Tune into radio station 94.0FM from your car to fully immerse yourself in the festive experience.



The holiday spirit extends to multiple houses on Monti Place, as well as on Hayman Street and Mokari Street nearby, making it a must-visit destination.


Running until December 31st from 8pm to 10pm, this decade-long tradition brings immense joy to the owners and all who witness the spectacular lights. More details




Somerset Drive


Like many Christmas lights Sydney 2023, this display runs until Christmas Eve from 8pm to 10pm, weather permitting, and supports Red Nose and Beyond Blue.



Running for over two decades, the setup, including Christmas statues, inflatables and a walk-in display with music, takes over a month to put together!


The owners find joy in watching everyone revel in the snow machine - creating a festive atmosphere that celebrates the true spirit of Christmas. More details


Glenmore Park
Tench Place



Immerse yourself in a grand Grinch-themed spectacle, featuring over 40,000 lights adorning the house, roof and garden.



With Christmas music, moving features, interactive displays, inflatables, light projections, Christmas statues and licensed characters, this large display runs nightly from 7pm as the owners delight in spreading joy to families during this festive season. More details


Quackers Hill
Mallee Street


Displaying for its last year of a 30-year-old holiday tradition, this display is not to be missed.



With reindeer on the roof and set against a snow-covered village backdrop, marvel at the intricate window display, watch elves crafting toys in the workshop and let children create lasting memories by sitting in the life-size sleigh for photos.


Mr. and Mrs. Claus, along with a charming choir, will be visiting, too! Supporting Lights For Kids, don't miss the chance to witness the spectacle, running until New Year's Eve from 8pm to 11pm. More details



Padstow Heights
Carter Crescent



Discover the magic of this double-award-winning display, featuring a unique window display that transforms each year, along with showcasing enchanting themes like Iceland, Candyland, Mickey and Friends, Lemax Carnival, Santas Wonderland, and more.



What sets this display apart is the owners' commitment to uniqueness — they open their house (Friday and Saturday nights from 8pm), offering inside displays in every room with a collection spanning over 30 years. More details


Borgnis Street



Multiple houses along this quiet street come alive at Christmas with festive displays. As you stroll through, keep an eye out for Santa on a fire truck at the nearby rural fire station.



This property in particular boasts Vegas-like displays and intricate scenes from every angle — so big it's a spectacle! Running until Boxing Day, this display supports BEAR Cottage and the residents love bringing joy to the community. More details


Rooty Hill
Alice Street



Experience the magic of the Le Roux Christmas lights display from 8pm. This year promises an extra amazing spectacle, weather permitting, with festive music, a nativity scene, inflatables and an intricately decorated house, roof and yard.



Walk through the enchanting display featuring a snow machine, light projections and Christmas statues — all while supporting Lights For Kids. More details



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