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Looking for the best Christmas lights in Darwin near you? These family friendly Christmas Light displays are the best and brightest in Darwin in December 2023.
Christmas Light display at 16 Donaldson Court, Karama

Karama, Northern Territory
This dazzling wonderland showcases thousands of lights, animated creatures and festive ornaments bringing Christmas to life in tropical Darwin. Wander through the yard and discover flying pigs, sea wasps, crocodiles and more, ensuring endless entertainment for both kids and adults. Best of all, your visit supports various charities, and the synchronised music adds an extra layer of enchantment to this captivating display.
Christmas Light display at 62 Patterson Street, Malak

Malak, Northern Territory
Full event 15-17th December from 7-9pm Food and drinks available for purchase, Snowy Forest, Lawn games, Santa's photo booth, Playground

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Christmas Light Displays

We've made some lists (and checked them twice!) to bring you Christmas Light Displays in various regions and with various features. Check out our Display Lists:

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