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Looking for the best Christmas lights in Hobart near you? These family friendly Christmas Light displays are the best and brightest in Hobart in December 2023.
Christmas Light display at 121 Molle Street, West Hobart

West Hobart, Tasmania
Be guided by the north start to this West Hobart residence. It has everything from inflatables to a ferris wheel display. You might even be lucky enough to meet Santa doing his pre-christmas check-ins.
Christmas Light display at 6 Charles Eaton Court, Huntingfield

Huntingfield, Tasmania
Dive into a grand display of over 9,400 lights, radiating classic European charm in a beautifully adorned garden. Discover a nativity scene with an angel and baby Jesus, along with a whimsical train, jumping gingerbread man and a koala nestled in a gumtree. Treat yourself to allergy-friendly delights or collect a Christmas stamp, all amidst the gentle twinkle of lights, rather than flashing, leading up to the festive season.
Christmas Light display at 107 Branscombe Road, Claremont

Claremont, Tasmania
This bright and colourful display is great fun to see! Going for about a decade, you'll be saying WOW JUST WOW when you get there!
Christmas Light display at 6 Bounty Street, Warrane

Warrane, Tasmania
Come see the vibrant lights adorning this house, roof and yard! Join the excitement as Santa waves, spot the mischievous Grinch, play in the snow and encounter lively characters, including a snowman, reindeer, stars, a nativity scene and even a koala and a kangaroo! The real showstopper? Don't miss the highlight — elves joyfully climbing up the chimney each year.

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Christmas Light Displays

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