Are you looking for the best South Australia Christmas lights near you? We have reviewed hundreds of displays and selected our favourite's for this year below. Finding the Best Christmas Lights near you can be challenging but we hope our Featured list helps you plan an awesome 2023 Christmas Lights road trip!

Christmas Light display at 25 Bond Street, West Hindmarsh

West Hindmarsh, South Australia
There are a lot of lights on Bond Street this year! With over 50,000 lights brightening up your night, a smoke machine, snow machine and plenty to look at and discover. 2 months of hard work has definitely paid off.
Christmas Light display at 79 Nari Drive, Sheidow Park

Sheidow Park, South Australia
Immerse yourself in a sea of lights and festive cheer at this dazzling Christmas display in Adelaide, featuring a large blow-up Santa. Take a stroll up the driveway of this large showcase and view the brilliance of lights adorning the garden, trees and eaves, with all donations supporting the Women's and Children's Hospital.
Christmas Light display at 50 Tiparra Avenue, Park Holme

Park Holme, South Australia
Somewhere over the rainbow, actually I think this Park Holme residence might be a part of the rainbow. There's no way you could be unhappy exploring this "mega display" featuring thousands of colourful lights covering everything from the lawn to the roof.
Christmas Light display at 15 Gilbert Street, Clayton Bay

Clayton Bay, South Australia
All models hand made ,All Life-size: Reindeer, Santa , Santa sleigh, Snowman, the Grinch, Angel, Nut Cracker Soldier, Nativity Scene. Laser lights and Christmas lights, And more. And a gift for each c...
Christmas Light display at 5 Christmas Lane, Lobethal

Lobethal, South Australia
This breathtaking Adelaide display unfolds in 1/2 acre of landscaped gardens, with a highlight of stunning window displays. Prepare to be awestruck by the massive spectacle, with vibrant lights illuminating the house, roof and garden beds. With moving features, a nativity scene, festive inflatables, light projections and charming Christmas statues, this dazzling property keeps the Christmas magic alive until December 31.
Christmas Light display at 1 Snowdon Street, West Beach

West Beach, South Australia
Where does Christmas start and where does it end? A philosophical question you may be asking at this West Beach residence. A colourful display that will be sure to brighten up your day this season!
Christmas Light display at 3 Peart Crescent, Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge, South Australia
Head to Murray Bridge for a beautiful and extra special Christmas display. Featuring inflatables, brilliant lights and some new handmade decorations! A quick shout out to Mr. and Mrs. Claus for taking the time to meet and greet so close to Christmas time!
Christmas Light display at  Belmore Terrace, Woodville Park

Woodville Park, South Australia
One of the biggest Christmas light displays in the western suburbs of Adelaide. Make sure you head to Woodville Park to see some 200,000 lights. There's plenty to see and discover so pop this one on your list!
Christmas Light display at Karingal Road, Dernancourt

Dernancourt, South Australia
This house transforms into a Christmas nightclub, merging vibrant lights with lasers, sound, smoke and enchanting effects from ground to roof! The driveway becomes a lively dance floor for kids and there’s even an updated Santa's Toy Shop. Don't miss the highlight — a unique walk-through display featuring rare and unusual items collected over a decade — all in support of the Make-A-Wish Foundation.
Christmas Light display at 9 Rothschild Street, Woodcroft

Woodcroft, South Australia
There must be magic in the air, a Christmas castle has appeared in Woodcroft. With toy soldiers guarding the door, elves, lights synched to music and so much more to discover. One to take the family to, but maybe not your evil step sisters!
Christmas Light display at 13 Meadows Lane, Davoren Park

Davoren Park, South Australia
The entire yard of this display dazzles with lights, inflatables and statues. Experience the magical fusion of solar and electric lights, all lit by 9pm. Until Christmas Eve, delight in the festive challenge of spotting two mischievous elves hiding in the display — the closer to Christmas, the trickier the hunt! On Christmas Eve, there are treats for the little ones, too!
Christmas Light display at 6 Bechervaise Court, Greenwith

Greenwith, South Australia
The most wonderful time of the year in Greenwith. Don't miss the projector display, snowmen and an inflatable Santa. These residents have 20 years of experience putting together colour displays like this!
Christmas Light display at 5 Rosedale Avenue, Wattle Park

Wattle Park, South Australia
Wattle down to Rosedale Avenue and explore this interactive display. Walk through to discover window displays, snowmen, reindeer and of course sleighs. Santa’s helper reportedly spotted handing out candy canes on the odd occasion.
Christmas Light display at 59 Ridge Road, Murray Bridge

Murray Bridge, South Australia
This dazzling spectacle runs every night until December 30 (weather permitting), with Santa's Cave and the whimsical Solar Express train circling the garden. Join the residents on Friday and Saturday nights for an exclusive peek inside the Cave and a ride on the Solar Express! Immerse yourself in the festive spirit with the Christmas music, window displays, Christmas statues and licensed characters.
Christmas Light display at 57 Gulfview Road, Blackwood

Blackwood, South Australia
Have you ever seen a Christmas display and wondered "what if they did this or that?". You're in luck in Blackwood. Pull out that smart phone and send your very own commands to this display and see what you can create!
Christmas Light display at Marquisite Drive, Salisbury East

Salisbury East, South Australia
Experience the magic of a computer-controlled light display running until December 31. Immerse yourself in the thousands of lights synchronised to Christmas music and transmitted on 88.9 FM and softly resonating through outdoor speakers. Complete with a nativity scene, inflatables, garden and house decorations, and captivating walk-in and window displays.
Christmas Light display at Baroda Avenue, Netley

Netley, South Australia
A truly delightful display of lights synched to music in Netley. Enjoy the magic that modern technology brings to Christmas lights. Don't miss a show, click through to find out more.
Christmas Light display at 2 The Crest, Chandlers Hill

Chandlers Hill, South Australia
This large Christmas light display in Adelaide features music, a decked-out roof and captivating window displays! Tune in to 89.5 for a sequenced display where the music syncs up perfectly — think singing faces, a mega tree, arches, candy canes, mini trees and a cheery Merry Christmas sign. The best bit? You get to vote for your favourite sequence to enjoy! Don't miss unique songs, a great solo location and a killer view.
Christmas Light display at 41 Mina Parade, Hackham

Hackham, South Australia
This display is perfect for everyone! What makes it so special? It's all about the way the lights are set up, creating a magical atmosphere. Picture inflatables, a 'Merry Christmas' sign and lights adorning the roof, outside the house and the garden. Running until New Year’s Eve.
Christmas Light display at 30 Gardiner Avenue, Warradale

Warradale, South Australia
"Your eyes can deceive you, don't trust them". Take a trip to another galaxy (Warradale) and explore a new planet (Gardiner Ave). There is just so much to discover here so I will wish you good luck and may the force be with you.
Christmas Light display at 69 Golding Street, Beverley

Beverley, South Australia
Glowing bright into the night, the residents in Golding Street have returned for another year of Christmas cheer. Snowmen, elves, bubbles and this year some gingerbread friends. Select nights get some special guest visitors as well!
Christmas Light display at 69A Aldinga Road, Willunga

Willunga, South Australia
For nearly a decade, this annual Christmas display has been lighting up Adelaide, this year, casting a magical glow from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. Be dazzled as the house comes to life with vibrant lights and playful Minion inflatables, including a colossal one, while tuning in to the enchanting 30-minute show on 90FM radio.
Christmas Light display at 45 Days Road, Croydon Park

Croydon Park, South Australia
With about 50,000 glistening LED lights, this large showcase comes alive with moving elements, interactive displays, a nativity scene, lively inflatables, Christmas statues and even sing-along music. Seek out the mischievous elves hidden among the brilliance and for the residents, the true joy lies in the time spent together creating this enchanting display. Join the festive spirit while supporting the 2nd Prospect Sea Scout Group.
Christmas Light display at 6 Albara Road, Ingle Farm

Ingle Farm, South Australia
We've found a Christmas wonderland in Ingle Farm. Take a stroll through this interactive display with inflatable characters, window displays and lights shimmering in the night sky. So much to see and explore!

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