If you are Visiting a Christmas Display:

  • Ensure you have checked and are following the latest COVID-19 restrictions from your Local Authorities.
  • DO NOT visit a display if you are feeling un well
  • Please follow any COVID-Safe requests from the Homeowner
  • COVID-Safe requests may be listed on signs out the front of the Display, or specified on the location listing page on this website.
  • Social distance - stay at least 1.5 metres away from anyone else.
  • Stay in your car when appropriate.
  • Download our Christmas Light Bingo activity sheet to play as you visit locations!

If you are a Display Owner:

    When submitting your display, in the description call out any COVID-Safe requirements relevant to your display.)
  • To better manage people movement and density, consider setting up your Walk-In Display with a single 'Entry' and 'Exit' point.
  • Consider roping off open areas where crowds typically gather.
  • Chalk or Stick 'yellow crosses' 1.5m apart on the ground infront of key features or attractions, to encourage social distancing.
  • Add a "Display Not Running" flag to your listing on nights where you do not want people to visit .
  • DOWNLOAD our printable COVID-Safe posters and place them at appropriate locations around your Display:

    Maximum Capacity [PDF] | [Editable Word Doc]
    Do Not Touch
    Maintain 1.5m Distance
    Wear A Mask
    Entry Only
    Exit Only
    Use Hand Sanitiser
    Do Not Congregate
    Stay Away If Unwell
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